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Is the new Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide smart enough?

Over the years, the overall deaths caused due to house fires may have decreased in numbers, however, there is still a threat that is yet to be addressed. When there is a house fire, the risk of people dying due to smoke or carbon monoxide increases drastically. What makes it worse is that not all houses are equipped with smoke detectors or sprinkler systems that can put off the fire in time.

Having a smoke alarm in the house has many benefits.

This provides you a piece of mind knowing that you will be alerted on time in case there is a problem in the house. As much as this may help you out, it does have its own drawback. Sometimes there are false alarms or if the battery is low, it may result in the alarm going off at any point of the day or night. Keeping all these factors in mind, Nest protect –the next generation of smoke detectors will soon be hitting the market.

What is so special about the Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector?

The first thing that deserves to be highlighted is the fact that, in comparison to any other smoke detector, this unit has a variety of features that it offers. Let us look at a few of them:

Easy to install

Nest Protect is a user-friendly gadget that you can install easily. The installation process is very simple and comes with a specially designed app that you can download on your smartphone. To install the device, you just have to drill holes in your ceiling and secure the device with the screws.

The companion app

Just like most of the new gen smoke detectors, the Nest Protect’s companion app is designed keeping in mind the consumers of today. It gives you all the necessary notifications on your smartphone and helps in the installation procedure. You can even use this app to turn off the alarm just in case it has triggered by mistake or due to any problem.

Built-in sensors and light

The unit has a built-in feature to test the speakers of the smoke detector every month with the help of the companion app. Along with that, there are different colored lights that lets you know what is going on. For example, if the light turns yellow, it means that there is some kind of problem. If it is a big one, then the light turns red. Even the batteries are tested regularly and notifications are sent when it is time to change them.  It also comes with a humidity sensor so that the device does not trigger off when a person has a hot bath.

The voice is not the like the traditional ones

The days of getting screeching sounds when there is a fire or smoke in the house are over. Now that voice has been replaced with a calm one.  This is a good thing considering that, in case there is a problem in the middle of the night, you are not startled by a loud scary sound but a smooth one instead. The alarm is only triggered after the verbal warning is given. The reason why this is beneficial is because this way, just in case it is a false alarm, you can look into the matter yourself instead of waking up the whole neighborhood.

It has a built-in night lamp and motion detector

Whenever the Nest protect detects any motion, a small white light automatically lights up. This serves the dual purpose of a night lamp as well as saves you the trouble of installing another one.

Built-in recording and auto cut-off systems

Another good feature of the Nest protect is that the smoke detector also has a built-in video recording system and an auto – cut off system. Just in case of a fire, you do not have to worry about switching off your HVAC systems as the detector does it for you. This is a good feature especially if you have the NEST Cam and Nest thermostat installed in your house.


No doubt, considering all the above-mentioned features, the Nest Protect is worth the investment you would make for a smoke detector. It may have its own drawbacks, considering that it is a gadget, but when you look at the overall benefit, you actually stand to gain.

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