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Innovative high-tech gadgets to improve your smart home

Invoxia Triby

The owner’s of a smart home are keen to know about the latest innovations and bring home a cool device. A smart device that will make their life easier, faster and cooler. Here are some innovative high-tech gadgets to make your smart home smarter.


You might have never imagined how a 9-volt battery can bring a change in your life. Roost is a smart 9-volt battery that has an inbuilt Wi-Fi to send notifications to you smartphone. You can use it anywhere a 9-volt battery works, a smoke detector, water leak detector or a carbon monoxide detector.

If the detector’s alarm sounds, the Roost battery will send you an alert on the smart device that you configured with it. It can also send alerts to your neighbors and friends. After years of use when the battery is about to die there will be a notification on your phone about the replacement. You just need to replace a detachable portion of the Roost and not the entire device.


German studio ‘The Family of the Arts’ has invented a smart home device that does not require your smartphone for its operation. Lift the Cube to activate it and then turn it left or right to control the light, thermostat or music in the room. You can carry the Cube along with you to the different rooms of the house. You do not need to stripe or click on a screen to make the changes. The dock of the Cube is in a wall, where it fits and recharges.


Here is a device to take care of the security at your home. Flare is the name of the new innovative device from BuddyGuard. Artificial intelligence is the driving force behind the device, which has a motion detector, alarm, speaker, microphone, temperature sensor, accelerometer and an HD camera.

It can differentiate between an intruder and an authorized person. When the device suspects an intruder activity it will try to make common household noises and even sound an alarm. If there is an unauthorized entry in a house, the device will record the pictures, sounds and make videos along with sounding the alarm. You and the contingency services will be informed.

Invoxia Triby

Invoxia Triby

The Invoxia Triby is a smart communication cum entertainment gadget that will rest on your refrigerator. Yes, the device is a fridge magnet too, featuring a speaker and a screen. The device will connect to your home Wi-Fi and allow you to make calls in high definition free. You can connect to the Triby via Bluetooth and use the speaker to listen to music. You can also use it as a hands free phone speaker. Messages sent via the Triby app from your smartphone will be displayed on the device’s screen. Whenever there is a message, a yellow flag will pop-out from the side of the device.


The device breaks the monotony in the way of communicating with a smart device. The Listnr listens to the sounds around it and performs accordingly. Snapping of a finger, clapping or stomping of your feet will make the device do a particular task like turning the light on or off. The device any recognize up to four emotions and send you notifications of the activity. For example, it can make out if your baby is laughing or crying and inform you on your smartphone.

The home security to conveying messages to you these gadgets will make your smart home smarter. The innovators have adopted out of the box thinking in these gadgets, differentiating them from the ones that already exist.

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