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How to deal with sleeping disorders in teens

Teens at an average need to sleep more than grownups. A good night sleep is important to revitalize your soul and to feel energetic all day long. A normal routine of teenagers must include the sleep time of more than nine hours. There are many reasons why teenagers find it hard to enjoy a sound sleep. Parents must help their kids develop healthy sleep habits.

Negative effects of lack of sleep

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Contrary to what most people think, sleep deprivation not only affects the brain but also has negatively influence on the growth and development of your kids. Research says that lack of sleep is actually responsible for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases among teenagers. Sleep deprived kids find it hard to focus in their studies and are less productive. They find it hard to get up in the morning and yawn very often during the school hours. Lack of attention and motivation is also common among such teenagers. They lose interest in almost everything, feel drowsy and get annoyed easily.

Sleep disorders

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A good night sleep is always the measure of good health. You cannot afford to take it easy as sleep deprivation can cost your kids their health and relationships. Lack of sleep has a direct relationship with happiness. Even when it becomes a routine for kids, sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems and take away their ability to be at their best.

You must make them aware of the signs of sleep disorders and help them take necessary step to get rid of it. If they feel sleepy all day long or find it hard to keep themselves awake while watching TV or reading, they may be the victim of sleep disorders.

Do they look energy less all day long? Do people often tell them that they always look tired? Do they find it hard to concentrate or to control their emotions? If the answer is yes, you must seek professional advice.

Help your kids get rid of sleeping problems

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Help your kids enjoy a good night sleep so that they can give their best in everything they do and move forward on path of success. Pay a special attention to the lighting in their rooms and keep them noise free. Make them understand that caffeine is not helpful.

Make sure they do not eat, drink or exercise at time of sleep. Tell them to avoid TV and computer as it may divert their attention. Caffeine in any form needs to be avoided strictly late in the evening as it keeps them from falling asleep.

Help your kids develop healthy sleep habits so that they get into their beds at a fixed time every day. They can make an exception during weekends but make sure it does not turn into a habit.

The internal body clock           

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The internal body clock tells you to sleep when you are too tired and help you get up at a fixed time without using an alarm clock. It is your natural timing system, which helps you maintain a routine. Teenagers often disturb the routine of these biological clocks by keeping themselves awake late at night or by sleeping until late in the morning.

This is the reason why they feel sleepy when they should be awake and pay attention to important tasks of everyday life. Most people believe that they can afford to keep themselves awake the following day if they had a good night sleep a day before, which is merely a misconception.

Parents must help their kids understand the importance of a good night sleep. It keeps their kids healthy and full of energy all day long. Make sure your kids stay away from smoking and drinking. Help them develop a fixed routine, which includes enough time to sleep. Encourage them to take some exercise and make it a part of everyday life.


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