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Incredible animal facts that will leave you speechless

<![CDATA[The world is so full of surprises that sometimes leave us stunned. Let us have a look at few animals with astonishing facts about them.

Fish that can change sex

Seasons change, and the gender of some fish too. One of the most interesting facts about fish is that some of them are capable of swapping their sex and they do it in response to their hormonal cycle and environmental changes. If this came as a surprise, be ready to get surprised again. Some fish have both sex organs of a male and a female. Wow, did you know that it could be possible for a fish? (Source)

Crocodiles swallow stones

Crocodiles have a superior digestive system. They can digest a wide variety of things, including the unthinkable. These reptiles are not against tasting stones either. Crocodiles swallow stones, and that too of bigger size, which stays in their stomach permanently. These stones help them to make a balance while diving. (Source)

Baby panda with a size of a mouse

No doubt, a full-grown panda bear can take your head off with ease. However, when at the time of its birth, a panda is smaller than a mouse and weighs almost four ounce. (Image)

Female ferret dies in desperation


A female ferret dies if it does not get a mating partner. It does not die of a broken heart, but crudely put, it’s the lack of sex that kills it. Staying in heat for a long time brings about estrogen toxicity leading to aplastic anemia. In this condition, the bone marrow stops producing red cells and it causes the death of a female ferret. (Source)

Sunscreen for Hippopotamus


Have you ever heard a hippopotamus using sunscreen? A Hippopotamus has its own natural sunscreen to deal with the heat of southern Africa. The red colored gelatinous secretion is just like sweat in humans. This works as a sunscreen lotion for them. Hippopotamus usually get scrappy with each other for obvious reasons like mating and territory reasons, and this so-called natural sunscreen works as an antibiotic for wounds. (Source)

Flying snakes


You must have heard some story of flying snakes, and then consigned them to fiction, but the story is very much real. In Southeast Asia, snakes can actually jump from one treetop to another with a motive to save themselves from predators. Without having wings, flying could be a bit thrilling and they are capable of doing it effortlessly. These flying snakes are mildly venomous, but it’s their flying/gliding ability that makes them scary. (Source)

Bats eat thousand of bugs in an hour


If you are planning to pet a bat, then think again as bats can easily eat more than thousand insects in an hour. It would certainly get your house completely bug free, and the bat would run out of a food source in minutes. (Source)

Gigantic and real blue whales


Take three giant elephants; yes, that actually is the size of a blue whale. These blue whales are actually massive and their tongue alone can weigh the same as an elephant. The size depends on the kind of diet they take and the environment where they could be safe and move freely. (Image)

Pig’s orgasm lasts thirty minutes

Do you know that a pig’s orgasm lasts an outstanding thirty minutes. Well if not anything else, this surely is something, which can make you envy pigs. (Image)]]>


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