Ideas for that desirably chic look for your party dressing

Holidays surely are meant to relax and stay away from any sort of serious planning but that is a time when most of the parties and festivals fall. No matter how much you try to keep away from planning but for parties you are supposed to look chic and hot, which definitely requires some efforts and planning from your side.

Holiday party dressing

Holiday party dressing is definitely tougher than the other party seasons because first of all your laid back attitude does not allow you to put in much efforts, it is cold outside, and you crave for comfort. All these factors are like barriers that stand between a holiday party and you looking good in it. Well, not to worry much, as this article intends to give you all some tips to make your holiday party dressing a chic and a hot one. Check out:

Pick the ideal accessories


As it must be cold outside, you are feeling lazy, and one thing you desire for the most is comfort, so you ought to pick up accessories that not only amp up your personality but that also helps you carrying them off with utmost comfort and style. Great accessories from clutches to black ties, denim sling bags, statement necklaces, bracelets, to dramatic danglers, anything could do it just right. One thing to keep in mind is your comfort because unless you are comfortable wearing or carrying a particular accessory, come what may it would not look good on you.

Consider the fit

dress designer

One thing that is of utmost importance to make a dress look good or bad on the wearer is its fit. It has to be so in line with your figure and stature that it makes your curvaceous body look even more impressive rather than a fit that hides all the beauty of a body and makes it look like a flat thing. Whatever style of dress you choose for the holiday party, ensure it does justice to your shape, as in the dress must have a well-defined hemline, structure, and silhouette. Do not hesitate to consult a designer or a good tailor who can help you know your figure well.

Let it shine and sparkle

sparkling beads

Be it a holiday party dressing or any other party season, that sparkling and shiny work on dresses always steals the show. They add an elegance and uniqueness even to an otherwise simple dress. To add the glamorous shine and sparkle, you can go for a beautiful sequin work on your dress, or the colorful and sparkling beads can also give you a flattering look. The embellishment that you will choose obviously has to be according to your personality and style, as not everybody can carry off the sparkles well.

Mix your outfit well with the climate

warm scarf

Holiday season is the winter season that is loaded with rains, sleet, and snow. Therefore, make sure while planning to look the most stylish at the holiday party you do not miss the cold factor. You need to take the cold weather outside into consideration, or you would not feel comfortable. Carry a warm scarf along, wear a matching overcoat over your dress, and those pretty boots will make you look stylish and warm.

Hair and makeup

beautiful hair

Holiday dressing is fun and easy because it offers you ample of options to choose from, be it your hairdo, makeup, or the outfit. You can pick any hairstyle ranging from loose locks to an up-do because just about any hairstyle looks stunning for the occasion of holiday party. It goes for the makeup also. As anything from smoky, to light makeup looks cool.


All you need is a bit of fashion sense and confidence to look as glamorous and chic at every event in the holiday party season.


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