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How to remove stains and discoloration from wooden furniture

<![CDATA[Wooden furniture is a classy home furnishing. So keep it nice and beautiful. Spilling coffee, ink and other liquids that will give stains and marks on your wood furniture is frustrating. Its color will look like a dreadful damage over your lovely furnishings. But don’t worry! We will give you some home tips that will turn your wood furniture back as new. Stuffs found in your kitchen cabinets are helpful to horrible stains and discolorations. Baking soda, mayonnaise, dishwashing liquids, petroleum jelly and toothpaste are one of the best home remedies.

For ink stains, you can use baking soda. Mix baking soda into a quarter cup or half cup of water in a bowl. Mix it until it forms a paste. Rub the soda paste onto the ink stained area. Use a cloth in moistening the area and slowly wipe it until the paste is totally gone. Whenever the ink still appears, try it once more until the ink stain will fade. Remember not to put much pressure as to avoid ink stain to sink in more onto the area.

For liquid marks like coffee, you can use mayonnaise or petroleum jelly. Both are good oily moisture substance that will help remove dark colors. Just spread the mayonnaise or petroleum jelly onto stained area. Rub the area carefully until stain disappears. You can also use toothpaste as an alternative to the previous home tips. Use cloth and moisten it with water and toothpaste. Like the other procedures, rub it until spots are gone.

Whenever stains are gone, it’s time to furnish the surface of the area. You have to clean it first before finishing it. Use dishwashing liquid to remove the residues left on the affected area. Mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid, enough to make it foam. Use a rag and dip it into the liquid solution. Wipe the area gently to remove the residue. Use another damp cloth to clean up the soapy solution. Dry it using a clean cloth.

You’ve done cleaning the affected area. You might notice that the color and the surface is a little different than before. This calls for polishing. Liquid wax or paste wax can be used. These are the most common polishing used on wood furniture. You can also use wood polish whenever its more appropriate to use on your furniture. Making it shine and leave it beautiful.

Summary Keeping your furniture fit and up to date can be done with materials easily available in your home. Just don’t do it quickly, do it step by step with patience and without haste.]]>


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