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How to make your own home surveillance system


Home security cameras have become imperative for creating round-the-clock surveillance for homes. With the reduced cost of technology and many other advances, surveillance cameras have become accessible even to those without deep pockets. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can fashion your own surveillance system for the house using your camera and laptop.

Requirements for a Surveillance set-up

Firstly, you will require a secure and stable internet connection in your house. Next, you have to identify the places where you would like to place the cameras. The locations must be selected in such a manner that all the entry and exit points of the house are covered including doors, windows, etc.

Also, the filming should not happen against the light as this will create dark silhouettes that will mask the intruder.try and place the camera as close to objects as possible, especially if you are using low-cost cameras with low-resolution. While placing cameras outside the house, opt for low-voltage power. Finally, if your locality has a regulation in place, then you will have to put up a sign stating that the place is under surveillance.

Choosing a Camera

The market is flooded with surveillance cameras that can be purchased in various price ranges you can opt for cameras that can be safely placed in a flower vase, without being discerned or cameras that can be attached to the ceiling. You must look for a few features for the surveillance cameras you choose –

  • They must have wireless support (WLAN, Wi-Fi)
  • They must have Motion Detection Alert via email
  • They must either be wide angle or telecameras based on the location
  • They must have night vision along with infrared LED
  • It must have 12V power supply

Setting the Camera

Depending on the type of camera you select, you can go about setting it up. There is the option for you to pick up webcams, which can be directly attached to your system, though this will mean numerous cables running to and from the webcam to your system. There is the option to pick up wireless webcams that can be connected to the system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In case you are opting for a conventional camera system, there are three main types – Analog, Wireless IP or HD-SDI. In order to set-up the system, first create an email account exclusively to receive data and reports from your surveillance system.


Nowadays, home surveillance has become important to keep your valuables as well as family safe. Once you install and configure the surveillance system, you can monitor your house on your surveillance system or even you mobile device when you are out.


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