Green Fashion Guide

How to contribute to the environment through clothes that you wear

Eco friendly fashion has increased in popularity and has inspired many around the world to follow a sustainable and organic fashion trend.  The awareness towards environmental issues has inspired popular designers to switch to eco friendly attire.  Fahionistas and celebrities are also glamorising eco friendly outfits and have been instrumental in making them trendy.  Here are different ways in how you can sport an uber cool look and be eco friendly as well:


The three Rs:

We all know that Recycle, Revamp and Repurpose are the 3 Rs that will help us save our precious planet.  By this mantra, do not dispose off your old clothes.  Salvage then and modify them into a fashionable accessory or clothing piece.  For instance, your old tattered jeans can turn into a pair of shorts.

If you find that some of your clothes are simply not salvageable, then donate them to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross instead of dumping them up in landfills.  In fact, you could also sign up at, which is an NGO that helps in giving away your stuff without a charge in your own city/town.


Turning vintage into fashion:

Many thrift shops have now been doing great business with the increasing demand of vintage clothing.  In fact, a piece of rare vintage clothing can make a huge difference to your overall look, if worn correctly.

Most of the clothes in vintage shops are second-hand or used, so buying those would inadvertently make you a supporter of recycling- which equal to being eco friendly!  Furthermore, you can also look fashionable without having to pay a huge price for it, as they are cheap.

Go Organic:

The best way to dress these days is “green”- figuratively speaking.  Green fashion trends are here to stay with natural fibres being woven into trendy attires.  Organic fibres such as bamboo, soy, hemp and organic cotton that have not been chemically treated are highly recommended.

Buy clothes from ‘green’ designers:

Many designers are producing noble eco friendly clothing to help you go green without compromising the trend.  The more people support such designers, the more innovative and creative attires you will get to don!


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