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High-tech smoke detectors for your smart home

The mundane smoke detectors will not suffice your needs in a smart home. If the gadgets ain’t smart in a smart home, what’s the point of having them in the first place? Here is a list of high-tech smoke detectors to choose from.

Pyrexx smart smoke detector

You might have not bothered earlier how your smoke detector looks like. Pyrexx has created a smoke detector to grab your attention, with more than 40 different styles. Swarovski-studded are the top of the line, other options include wood-grained, multi-color and more. What’s really hi-tech about these smoke detectors is the smart radio-linked technology that these use.

All the Pyrexx smoke detectors in a building, up to 210 can interact with one another. As they are linked, whenever a Pyrexx smoke detector goes off all of them go off. The smart app of the device will receive notifications of any alarm that the detectors sound. The smoke detector is capable of sensing and notifying the temperature as well.


This smoke detector is way smarter than we expected. The manufacturer claims it to be a smart air monitor, capable of sensing carbon monoxide, soot, temperature, humidity, dust particles like pollen and fire to name a few. Whenever there is a fire or a gas leak, all the members of the house will get a text message and the alarm and lights will go off.

Since the Birdi smoke detector is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, it sends alerts about any natural calamities that might have occurred in your area. With so many features under its belt, the Birdi is the coolest smoke detector around.

First Alert

First Alert smoke detector

The gadget is a Wi-Fi smoke, carbon monoxide and a fire detector. It will sound the alarm like all the smoke detectors and send notifications to all the family members. You can connect as many First Alert detectors as you want with the Smart Things Hub.

One of the coolest features of the gadget is that you will not have to change the battery for ten long years. With the smart app of the gadget, you can test and reset the alarm at anytime.

Nest Protect

In the regular smoke alarms, we get to hear a loud alarm whenever it detects smoke and panic is created. The Nest Protect detects smoke and a yellow light glows on it, a voice declares about the emergency and you also receive a notification on your mobile. This feature is called Heads-up.

Another feature called the Nest Wave will silence the alarm by waving from a distance of 2 to 8 feet, again there is no panic while you are addressing the issue. The device is capable of communicating with other Nest Protect detectors through Wi-Fi, and hence helps you in pin pointing the exact location of the fire or smoke.


The Halo smoke detector has five in-built sensors to detect smoke, slow and fast burning fires and carbon monoxide. The smart technology helps in minimizing the false calls. Apart from its routine job, the detector also warns about Tornados. The Halo is stylish in design and smart enough to notify you of emergencies on your smart phone. The battery of this device doesn’t need a change for up to ten years.

A high-tech smoke detector is the need of the modern times, as we are engaged in so many things that attending to emergencies at the right time may not be possible every time. Thanks to smart devices like these that will help us lead a life at ease.

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