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Guide to acne skin care for teens

The beginning of teenage also marks the beginning of a number of skin problems, which can irritate you to a great extent. moreover, it can also lower your self esteem. Though there are many reasons that could lead to the formation of acne, hormones and environmental conditions are the major causes for the development of acne. Though difficult to get rid of, there are some simple tips to have an acne-free skin. Presented below is a detailed guide to get free of that stubborn acne.

1. Look for signs of acne

As mentioned earlier, formation of acne occurs between the ages of 12 and 13. Keep a lookout for tiny blackheads and pimples especially in and around the nose. As acne progresses, you’ll find it spreading on your forehead and then cheeks. So, watch out carefully and then try appropriate measures to control the spread of acne.

2. Have a healthy diet

What you eat plays a major role in the formation of acne. If you are the kind of teen who eats unhealthy and oily foods, then it is likely that the side effects of these foods will manifest on your skin. The secret behind a clean and glowing skin is to follow a proper diet. Include fresh vegetables, fruits, greens and plenty of water for healthy skin.

3. Maintain your hair

Hair also has a crucial role to play in the formation of acne. If you have shoulder-length hair or long hair, then this will definitely touch your face. The hair contains natural oils which can contribute to the formation of acne. So, do keep your hair clean by using a mild shampoo.

4. Avoid cosmetics

Do not use harsh soaps if you are suffering from acne as this can make it worse. Alcohol-based cleansing products are a big no because they leave your skin dry, propelling your skin to produce more oil. Also, go for oil-free moisturizers and sunscreen lotions. If you are using hair gels and sprays, then wash your face after its usage.

5. Have a hands-free policy

Refrain from touching your acne. No matter how irritating you find it, do not keep prodding it and try to remove it. If you are fed up with the many pimples sprouting on your face, consult a dermatologist or go to a beauty salon where they will remove your pimples by proper techniques. If you have the bad habit of pinching or touching your acne then you are most likely to develop an infection which will leave you scarred.

6. Do not apply any sort of makeup on acne

The foremost rule of acne skin care is to stay away from applying makeup on the affected area. Concealing acne with makeup can do more harm than good. Makeup can actually induce pimple formation and lead to further developments. Until your skin is acne free, do not apply makeup.

7. Sleep without makeup

Most of the teens do not care to remove their makeup before they sleep. Sleeping with makeup on can result in the development of acne. Remove your makeup before you sleep. If needed, only apply an under eye cream and then go to sleep.

8. Wash your face intermittently

It is imperative that you keep your skin clean as much as possible. Wash your face with a mild soap twice in a day. After you exercise, wash your face to remove the oil and sweat that could clog pores. If you are surrounded by a greasy environment, then make sure you wash your face after you come in contact with it. Do not keep touching your face. Your hands touch innumerable things in a day. Do not use the same hand to make your skin unclean.

9. Apply a weekly mask and exfoliator

A mask can unclog your pores and remove dirt accumulation. An exfoliator is used to remove the dead skin or the topmost layer of the skin. Use a deep cleansing mask to keep your pores open and clean. Go for a good exfoliator to facilitate the formation of new skin.

10. Follow the basic cleaning techniques

A daily cleansing procedure should be adopted to keep your skin free from factors that’ll lead to acne formation. Use a facial cleanser everyday to remove all the dirt from your skin. If you notice small pimples cropping up, then use a mild cleanser to remove it.

These are few healthy tips to keep your skin acne free. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to consult your doctor for acne medication.

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