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Green Rejoice: When 50 cars make 1 bus


A Swedish advertising agency, Acne, installed a very innovative advertisement for a Swedish bus service company, Flybussarna, on the way to the airport. At the advertisement site, 50 cars are assembled and painted to look like one of those Flygbussarna’s buses. The advertisement was such a major hit, it caused traffic jams and was reported in traffic jam notifications on the news.

The following slideshow makes the process clear:


The main motive behind the advertisement is to advertise Flybussarna’s bus services and to emphasize that it is more environment-friendly to travel by a bus than by a car.

Each day, thousands of Swedes drive to and from the airport, releasing lots of redundant CO2 into the environment. Each car has 1-2 passengers on an average. If everyone parked their car and traveled collectively, it would be a big favor on the environment.

The following video gives us a better insight into the whole Flygbussarna’s advertisement story


In the end, I would like to show you a picture, which could probably help you in your decision. Have a look at the below picture.

Photo credit:Vorg

This picture shows the space required to transport the same number of people by car and bus. We can see for ourselves as to which method requires the least space and make a decision for ourselves as to which method to use. This picture only shows the space consideration. Now, compare the impact of each on the environment. The difference is enormous. We already know that the pollution caused by a bus is equivalent to 4 cars, and the bus in itself is equivalent to 50 cars. Now, the decision is yours, whether to take a car to and from the airport or to travel by bus, and save our environment. I would go with the bus, what say you?

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