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Green Gifts: Best environmental books of modern times

The clamor to save the environment is getting stronger these days with many eco conscious organizations and individuals across the globe doing their bit to protect the environment from further degradation. If you want to know more about environment, you can always read some environmental books. This festive season you can also gift some environmental books to your near and dear ones in order to help them know more about the importance of clean environment in our life. Here is a list of ten best environmental books of modern times.

1. An environmental history of the world

An environmental history of the world

Priced at $43.63, An environmental history of the world is a very useful book written by J. Donald Hughes and published by Taylor & Francis, Inc in October 2009. This book provides a superb insight into the relations between humans and environments from ancient to modern times. The book describes how the environment has been affected by the evolution of the humans. It also highlights the destruction caused by the humans to the environment and how the changes in environment have affected the human societies.

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2. The Ragged Edge of the World

The Ragged Edge of the World

Priced at $17.79, The Ragged Edge of the World is authored by Eugene Linden. In this book, Linden has described globetrotting adventures when he was an environmental journalist. Linden has highlighted his experience of cultural loss which he has experienced as a journalist at the intersection of the wilderness with modern world. Linden has worked with several reputed magazines and channels as an environmental journalist and this allowed him to visit some of the remotest regions of the world.

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3. Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Priced at $10.88, Hot, Flat, and Crowded is a very useful book published on November 24, 2009. This book won several awards including Washington Post Best Book of the Year award. Authored by Thomas L. Friedman, a Pulitzer Prize winner, this book talks about the need of the US to adopt a national renewal mission. Friedman describes the importance of green revolution in bringing a sustainable environment in the country. Friedman has tried to explain how global warming and rising population is causing instability on earth.

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4. The World Is Flat

The World Is Flat

Priced at $10.88, The World Is Flat is written by Thomas L. Friedman. This book was published on April 18, 2006. In this book, Friedman talks about the changes taking place on earth in modern time and how the advancement of science and technology has made the whole a global planet. He highlights the challenge which the world is facing due to the rise of China and India as an economic superpower. This book features fresh reporting and commentary, which is Friedman’s personal experience as he traveled across the globe.

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5. The Garnaut Review 2011

The Garnaut Review 2011

Priced at $31.35, The Garnaut Review 2011authored by Ross Garnaut is actually an update to the Garnaut Climate Change Review published in 2008. In this book, Garnaut re-examines the measures which were taken across the globe to tackle the global financial crisis and the pledge by the developed nations to reduce emissions. Readers will know about the climate change debate after reading this book. He also explains that why Australia needs to take measures to safeguard the environment.

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6. The Atlas of Climate Change

The Atlas of Climate Change

Priced at $16.46, The Atlas of Climate Change is authored by Kirstin Dow. The first edition of this Atlas was published in 2006 and it received rave reviews. This Atlas also won the ‘Planeta Environment Book of the Year’ award. In this new edition, the reader will get to know about the 2009 UNFCC conference in Copenhagen. This book also talks in detail about the new developments in research related to climate change.

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7. Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Priced at $15.85, Heaven and Earth is a very useful book authored by Ian Plimer. In this book, Pilmer explains how earth is a dynamic system, which is constantly evolving. In this book, Pilmer has given evidence from archaeology, history, geology and astronomy to explain that climate is affected due to the actions of humans.

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8. The Weather Makers

The Weather Makers

Priced at $12.00, The Weather Makers is authored by Tim Flannery. This book was published on 29th Sep 2008. In this book, Flannery has explained several urgent questions including: What is the meaning of climate change? What is effect of global warming on humans? Is global warming causing natural disasters? Flannery has very beautifully explained how climate change over millions of years has affected us and how it will affect us in the future as well.

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9. How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Priced at $5.18, How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint is authored by renowned eco-expert Joanna Yarrow. This book was published on April 2, 2008. This book explains how humans can check global warming. This book offers 500 ideas that humans can implement in their daily life to reduce pollution and conserve energy.

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10. Eco Barons

Eco Barons

Priced at $6.00, Eco Barons: The New Heroes of Environmental Activism is authored by Edward Humes. This book was published by HarperCollins on 19-Jan-2010. In this book, Humes highlights the works of the eco barons—a group of men and women — who have dedicated their lives to save environmental destruction.

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