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Floods threaten Three Gorges dam

flood water threatens three gorges dam

Incessant rains in China have brought much flooding and misery to the region. Not only this, to compound the miseries of the country is the danger looming large over the Three Gorges dam, which is at risk of peril. Hold on. What is it about? Can you imagine, floods threatening world’s largest hydroelectric dam ? Yes, this is what the scenario is going to be, if not this year, then next year or say after a few years.

The Three Gorges dam showcasing China’s mighty engineering project on the Yangtze River is filled up beyond its capacity threatening people living in the upper as well as lower catchment areas of the dam. Heavy rain in the upper basin of Yangtze is pouring billion gallons of mud water every day into the dam, sticking it with rocks and heavy siltation. The experts are also wary of the capacity of the dam to hold such a large amount of water as a daily intake.

Though the Three Gorges dam management is releasing water to save the project, people living in the lower catchment area are facing a massive inundation and flood as the dam goes overcapacity. Large-scale deforestation to support industrial units and growth of inhabitation in the floodplains narrowing the river stream has led to flood in the area. Once the dam is at peril, it is feared that half of the Chinese economic might will be submerged, causing losses both in men and material.

Though China has the capacity and technology to build many like Three Gorges dam, yet it is not able to contain the fury of floods unleashed by the nature. Blind economic development disregarding natural limitations, destruction of forests, unplanned growth and exploitation of minerals without plan for sustainable growth by the Chinese Government have resulted into natural calamities like landslides and incessant floods.

The problem of flood as a result of reckless economic development is not only present in China, but also found in countries like Britain, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, where flash flooding this year has caused more damage than ever. This necessitates a world over awareness build up to force the political leaders to think about impending climate change with more seriousness and go for sustainable development.


Via: Reuters

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