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Flood continues flooding Bangladesh, thousands stranded

stranded bangladesh people call for aid

Bangladesh has still not got reprieve from floods, devastating the country to a great extent. With non-stop rains from a burgeoning monsoon, the situation is certain to deepen.

As the monsoon shows signs to retreat from India, few parts of which received promising downpour while others a deficient one, Bangladesh’s honeymoon with seasonal monsoon seems to be prolonging. With more than enough downpour having already pounded on the country, when the monsoon began, even after months of hitting the nation, the deluge doesn’t seem to budge. The country has already nearly 1000 flood casualties and more than lakhs overthrown from their dwellings by such a devastating flooding, infrastructure has suffered to an enormous extent and vegetation and crops gone to the floods. Also, the fear of disease is mounting, with a huge number of animals and humans gone to the spate of flooding.
severe floods in bangladesh

Mostly an agricultural country, dependent on crops, Bangladesh will need a lot of time to recover from such a vast devastation that has nearly devoured its crops and fields, pushing the country on the door of hunger.The country is in serious need of aid, both in money and material, food and drinking water.

Such an enormous and above capacity monsoon in one part of the region and deficient one in another sounds danger, with one part suffering from deluge and the other from drought. The enormity of the situation calls for introspection, which though a natural process suffers from manmade alterations to the environment. Several parts of the world have come under torrential rains this year, with almost the entire globe suffering from flooding and drought, hurricanes and storms. Also, as warming of the atmosphere ups the ante, such weather phenomenon will become a recurrent.



Source: Reuters

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