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Factors you must consider before purchasing a log home

<![CDATA[We cannot deny that log homes have a special charm. They are unusual and people who have grown up in a strictly urban area often prefer to buy a log home as a secondary home or a holiday getaway. However, one must consider some factors, such as the design of the house, age of the structure and the location, before buying a log home. The price of the log homes depends on its size and location. It should be able to accommodate all your family members and guests. While making a list of priorities before buying a log home, keep comfort and price at the top.


You must consider some factors carefully before you go ahead with the plan of buying a log home. The first important consideration is that log homes require lots of maintenance. Lack of maintenance can lead to dry rot which means the logs will start rotting from inside. If you find carpenter ants, beetles, termites on the logs or find fungus growing on top of the logs then the logs are definitely dry rotting.


Check the house at least twice a year to find out the level of moisture in the logs. You should not delay the necessary repairing for too long. You will have to clean the decks and gutters around your log home regularly so that water would not accumulate or damage the logs.

Woodpeckers often damage the log houses, especially built near or around the forests or woodlands. The mice and rodents are also the enemies of the log houses. The woodpeckers attack your log home in search of carpenter ants. If you can prevent the log home from dry rotting then there will be no carpenter ants and when there is no food, the woodpeckers will not damage the logs.


Selling a log home can be difficult because its nostalgic value or country charm does not overwhelm each and everyone. Try to market your log home as the perfect and idyllic holiday home, so that people find it attractive. Give attention to location while buying log homes, so that you could easily find buyers, if you plan to sell it in future. The woods or logs have to be treated once every year using chemical sealant.


Log homes have a special charm but they require regular maintained, else the logs will start dry rotting. You must carefully consider he factors related with maintenance before purchasing a log home.]]>


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