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Eco Lodges help you stay green while traveling

Traveling today need not mean merely packing your bags and seeing the world by land, sea and air modes. It has much to do about precise planning so that you get a stress-free and peaceful holiday that will remain memorable for the rest of your life. When planning your next vacation, why not play your part towards protecting the environment as well. For those greenzers, eco-tourism is fast gaining importance and popularity. Travelers are beginning to value the need to save the environment and are signing up for trips, which can offer carbon offset opportunities and booking eco-friendly lodges.

Before planning for your next vacation why not take a step back and consider how it could possibly harm the environment. Think about the criteria for eco-friendly vacations, and the ways to go green when on your holiday. Although this may seem daunting, it is actually quite easy.

  • There is a wealth of options when it comes to booking eco-friendly lodges. These lodges are not particularly expensive and cost almost the same as regular types of accommodation. Several agencies are responsible for certifying and rating eco-friendly lodging. However, there are some easy ways of streamlining your options so that you can find the eco-friendly lodging of your choice.
  • One way you can start doing this to filter your search by deciding on certain characteristics. For instance, you may want breakfast included with your accommodation or an in-house restaurant. If meals are being offered, then check what types of ingredients are being used. If organic ingredients are used, then you can be rest assured that this is one eco-friendly lodge.
  • You may also want to examine the sources of energy for the lodging in question. Check the lodging’s website or with the staff for this information. Ensure that renewable energy source is being used and this should be a reasonably substantial one.
  • Also, verify the energy use of the lodging. Clues that suggest the lodging’s efforts towards conserving the environment can be obtained from notices put up by the lodging. You could also call the hotel manager to find out or clarify anything that you may want to.
  • If you have the opportunity or if it is feasible, you could even tour the prospective lodging before you actually decide to book it. Speak to the manager about your interest to see the hotel’s sustainability practises. In most cases, the hotel staff will be willing to show you how eco-friendly their property is.

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