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Dissecting the secret of the popularity of manufactured stone

<![CDATA[Stones are used by many interior decorators or masonry to upgrade the interior or exterior look of the house. Manufactured stones or stone veneer is used for protecting and decorating houses and other things like fireplaces. Houses and fireplaces are protected using manufactures stones by covering their exterior and interior side with manufactured stones. The term manufactured stones is used for those stones that are made in a factory. The stones are manufactured in different shapes and sizes using concrete.

To give the stones a natural look, they are stained with hues. The reasons behind the increasing popularity of manufactured stones are as follows:


As you know, real stones are quite costly because they require heavy machinery to cut the stones into proper shape and size. But if you have a low budget and you want to give a vintage look to your house, go for manufactured stones. Manufactured stones are not only less expensive than real stones, but they are also quite light in weight.


As far as the durability of manufactured stones are concerned, they last for a life time. As real stones are delicate in nature, they are easily chipped off. Furthermore, real stones are also difficult to clean if they catch a stain. On the other hand, manufactured stones are stain resistant and do not chip off easily.


Although manufactured stones do not look as beautiful and delicate as the real stones but they can be made beautiful by blending color into the stone with the help of iron oxide pigments. Iron oxide pigments act as an agent used to enhance the natural characteristics of the manufactured stones. Other than durability and versatility of manufactured stones, the reason behind the increasing popularity of manufactured stones is their beauty.


Other main reason behind the increasing popularity of manufactured stones is their cost effectiveness. Manufactured stones are less expensive than real stones. Furthermore, the weight of manufactured stones is also less as compared to that of real stones. The texture and characteristics of manufactured stones gives a luxury look wherever they are installed.


One cannot easily distinguish between a real stone and a manufactured stone because they both share similar texture and finishing. The only difference between a real stone and a manufactured one is its cost. Keeping all the factors into consideration, a manufactured stones has more benefits as compared to a real stone.]]>


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