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Design a patio in a small space

Patios have a charm and a timeless appeal of their won. Even if you have a small space , there is no reason why you cannot have a patio of your own with these cool tips.

Design a patio in a small space

  • Add furniture – Minimize the number of furniture items in a small space. Go for two lounge chairs or a bench or a small round dining-table according to what you want you want to do in your patio. In case you just want to use it as a retreat or a reading –nook, you will not require any other item besides seating . Besides, you can also have wheel-around furniture for wining and dining in case you want to save more space.
  • Greenery – Why people love patios is because you get to relax and wine and dine amidst nature. Add fragrant flowers  and shrubs, bushes and trees in your patio. The earthly yet heavenly smell of the plants will make the experience all the more serene and romantic. Plan the growing and tending of the plants beforehand to suit the size of the space. If you have a tree, build the patio right under it to save space as well as to get natural shade.
  • Covers – You can add a pergola during the summer-time to add cover to your patio. It will serve as the necessary structure to provide shade as well as a support to add green plants. Entertain guests with a barbeque under it . During pleasant weather, you can even have a canopy of sorts. A gazebo or an archway also adds beauty to your patio while taking no space at all.
  • Accessories – Even with a small patio, you can get very creative. Just like you save space indoors by mounting up stuff on your walls with shelves and other items of utility, decorate your small patio and make it look artistic with DIY items of art like a wind-chime made of keys , a rope-swing or a small bird-house. They are visually very appealing and hardly take up space. We also have a very cool design wherein you can make a mini-shed on your patio using old doors on four sides, which is useful and hardly takes space.
  • An island deck – Just raise the platform a bit in your backyard and have your own patio when you have a small space to work on. Add some chairs and some plants and voila! You have your own patio.

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