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Cuff your jeans and rock a killer look

Cuffed jeans have become a fashionable trend over the past few years. Rolling, folding and cuffing the jeans tends to create a look that is both minimal and stylish. The look works great with any outfit that you choose to wear, and can suit any occasion as well. And the best part is that you can wear it in so many ways. Accordingly, here are some stylish ways to cuff your jeans and carry off the look with elan.

Neat Cuff

As its name, the neat cuff is a neatly folded cuff on your jeans. It features a flat look with an even width, all the way around the jeans. All you need to do to get this look is to fold the bottom of the jean’s legs. Create two folds of one inch each and press an iron over the cuffs to flatten them. This will give you a clean, flat and polished cuff that will look great with straight and skinny leg jeans.

Oversized Cuff

The oversized cuff works well for large sized jeans. It features a thick messy fold that does justice to your silhouette and legs. The careless, Bohemian style can be easily achieved by simply scrunching up the jeans’ legs by 3 inches or more with a minimum of 2-2 folds. You can wear this look with causal tops and strap on some heels to create a casual chic look effortlessly.

Under Cuff

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If you have a denim that has lycra or any other stretchable material in it, consider opting for the under cuff to give it an edgy style. Simply fold the jeans’ legs to three inches or so and press the cuff with an iron until it becomes flat and the crease becomes firm. Now flip the pressed crease inside out and press it again with an iron to secure it in place. This look can work well with both casual and formal tops.

Peg Cuff

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The classic peg cuff involves transforming an otherwise loose jean into a skinny fit, complete with a cuff to boot. The look is pretty simple to achieve. Simply fold the jeans sideways near the legs to make them tight around the ankle. Now roll up the legs to create a cuff. You can combine the peg cuff jeans with casual bow shirts and sandals.

Off Duty Cuff

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If you have a couple of boyfriend jeans lying around at home, consider transforming them into a trendy casual attire with the off duty cuff. Fold the jeans’ legs to up to three and a half inch. Now pull the fold away at the top to create a textured, bunchy look. Follow this up by folding the hem of the jeans downwards.

Bubble Roll Cuff

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Don’t have the time or patience to create a specific cuff style on your jeans?This style does not feature any folds though. Simply roll up the legs to the desired height to create a bubble roll cuff. This look can work great with skinny, cropped jeans and sandals.

Rocking the Cuffed Look: Dos and Don’ts to Observe

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Here are some typical dos and don’ts you need to follow when opting for a cuffed look.


Make sure you display the effort you put into creating the look. No one should think that you simply rolled up your jeans because you didn’t have time to create a proper look.

Opt to pair your cuffed jeans with a fabulous pair of sandals and shoes. Cuffed jeans throw more attention to your feet. So don’t go walking around in a worn out pair of loafers.


The cuffed look will not work for bell bottoms at all. You don’t want to end up looking like a walking bell.

Cuffed translates to causal. So avoid this look for formal occasions unless you want to end up being the odd one out at that socialite brunch.

Cuffed jeans are very much in vogue these days. So use these tips to transform your otherwise bland jeans into a striking fashion ensemble everyone will go gaga over for sure.

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