Compact and functional bars for the modern dwelling

A bar is a necessary addition to any home that entertains guests on a regular basis. While some homes are spacious enough to set aside an entire space for these bars, others are not so lucky and would have to do with what little space they have. That doesn’t necessarily mean that these homes should be stripped off their privilege to host parties and events. You can set up a cool home bar in your home even with little or no space at all. The designs mentioned below would help you figure how.

BR 14 Bar Cabinet

This compact, stylish and fully functional bar unit would be just what your home needs. Even though it looks small and can easily fit into niches, it has a generous storage space that can hold more than a few bottles with ease. Set up this bar unit against the wall in your living room and you have a 24/7 home bar unit waiting to host the guests who drop by regularly.

Rustic Wall Mounted Bar Cabinet

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This rustic wall mounted home bar unit would make a cool addition to your outdoor cocktail parties. It comes with a hinged panel door that can also be used as a work surface. The interior space can store a good number of bottles while the shelf is a great place to store those glassware, tools and other bar equipment. The bar unit also comes with an Epicurean Handy Bar Board for cutting and slicing purposes.

Terrace Bar Cart

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This movable bar unit can move along with you wherever you go during a party. It is fitted with wheels and has an open design that allows guests to have a clear view of the drinks on offer. The spacious cart also has enough space to hold the glassware and bar tending equipment.

Dobson Flip Down Bar Unit

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Resembling a quaint art decor piece, the Dobson Flip Down Home Bar Unit can be placed against a wall and is small enough to fit into crowded spaces with ease. It comes with an outer facade which can be flipped down to reveal the storage compartments for the bottles and the glassware. A drawer at the bottom offers extra storage space.

The Bar Junior Lodge Unit

It may look like a travel suitcase at first sight. But the Bar Junior Lodge is in fact, a mini bar that is surprisingly, spacious enough to accommodate an entire bar, complete with the bottles, glassware and bar tending equipment. Extra detail is provided by the wood, leather and brass detailing on the suitcase.

Re-purposed Crate Bar Unit

This is a great idea for those who cannot afford to purchase separate bar units for their homes. You can create your very own DIY home bar unit with the help of re-purposed crates. In addition to providing a sturdy work surface, they can provide plenty of storage space for the drinks and bar tending equipment. Plus, you can design the bar in such a way that it can be expanded when in use and then separated and tucked away from view afterwards.

Hall Cavity Bar Unit

Image Source : St.Houzz.Com

Sometimes, all you need is space to set up a bar unit. A hall cavity would provide you with that space. Check out the design in the picture below. A cavity in the hallway has been beautifully transformed into a home bar unit that is stylish, compact and functional, all at the same time. This is an excellent example of making use of limited space to create an aesthetic home bar unit that would be open 24/7 for parties.

There is no need to have a set aside a large, dedicated space for your home bar. With some wise décor choices and smart planning, you can opt for home bars that are compact enough to sit inside small spaces, and yet, are functional enough to host regular parties. These designs would help you choose such a compact bar unit for your home.


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