Introducing new helmets

As fashion designers invent new ways to score one over the other, there are only a few accessories left to customize and reinvent. These people are however relentless and have now shifted to something that has greater utility than aesthetics. Or so we knew up till now. Presenting the bicycle helmet in a new avatar; or rather, avatars, which will make you want to elbow the person in front of you in the line to buy a new bike just to try on the awesome helmet you just saw in the window. It will make you want to get back on a two-wheeler or learn to ride one even if you have never been in one ever since Vespas came off the assembly line.

In a competitive urban environment, everyone spends an inordinate amount of time in front of mirrors just to look better than our best friends; even though you might deny it. There is however no denying the fact that a better looking person will always get a second glance. This is why along with your stylish car or bicycle it is now equally important to have stylish accessories and the bike helmet is the next thing after your bike.

Reason for evolving

As our reliance on fossil fuels is becoming increasingly strenuous for the environment and irritating for the environment lawyers as well as activists, more and more pedestrians prefer to opt for public transport or just take to the pedal to save the hassle of waiting for inconsistent public transport. So, if one has to involve leg work in commuting, one might as well do it in style. Bike helmets are catching on faster than ever and there are more than a few companies that are doing well making fashionable bicycle helmets.

It is mostly the present generation that is going for fossil fuel independent transport options and coincidentally the present generation is also the one which is style conscious thereby making the atmosphere conducive for personalized and customized bicycle helmets.

How you can make it work

A stylish bicycle helmet can be your own personal statement ranging from animal prints to green options to comic characters or even your very own design. There are even shops that shall repaint your bicycle helmet according to prints and designs that you can come up with and if your design is that good, then the shops will offer to buy them from you and name it after you.


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