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Beautiful recycled dresses for the eco conscious

Beautiful recycled dresses for the eco conscious


With the fashion industry making headway toward elegant, contemporary and stylish fashion, the new word that echoes loud is “recycled.” People of current times believe in saving the environment but in style. Thinking on these lines, designers have devised new and innovative ways to revive fashion with recycled clothing collections. Recycled fashion is catching up fast. What might appear to be junk to a few may look as a medium of expression to others. Here are a few stunning recycled creations.

Glamarita TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN collection:

Glamarita is a result of Ronnie’s efforts of turning the unused section of her basement into a sewing room where she could let all of her creative and crazy thoughts shape into beautiful outfits. She scavenged fabrics, scraps, doodads, trims and ribbons from various odd places and went wild with ideas to create her beautiful clothing line. The designer with her original sense of style is out with her TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN collection.
Ronnie’s tie designs include ball gowns, cocktail party dresses, corsets, skirts, halters, vests, under busts and belts. All the dresses are made completely from recycled men’s ties. Her beautiful dresses are just perfect to set you up for evenings, dances, proms, art shows, cocktail parties and variety of other formal functions. Each piece is unique, absolutely wearable and will definitely get you noticed.

Eco-Couture finished from recycled umbrella fabric:

Would someone ever imagine a broken umbrella could be recycled in an unexpected and beautiful way? Himane, a fashion and design company known to recycle those busted-up umbrellas and old clothes to create a beautiful line of unique handbags, vintage inspired dress and jackets is here with its elegant line of clothing. This collection is made from umbrella fabric, which would otherwise have been sent to a landfill. Catherine Edouard-Charlot, the talented designer behind this beautiful range of dresses does not only recycle umbrellas but also upcycles all kinds of fabrics to create extraordinary dresses and jackets.

Clive Rundle’s beautiful recycled clothing line:

South African designer Clive Rundle’s clothing line comes with a touch of reused and recycled materials. The talented designer recycles naturally and uses some of the top-end fabrics that are leftovers from the old Armani collection. Making room for some great recycling ways, he uses some second-hand jackets in his collection. The collection consists of contemporary high-fashion women’s trousers, corsets and jackets. The entire range is a good blend of contemporary, elegant, stylish and trendy fashion.

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