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Baby talk is a potent learning medium for your child

There is lots of speculation regarding the effect that baby talk has on young minds. There are several research reports which endorse that baby talk can actually help kids learn more. Here are some things to note:

As per the research results of Rutgers University, the use of baby talk by parents helps babies learn faster. The researchers created models that were based on the speech patterns and vowel sounds in adult speech. These were compared with the different speech methods that were used by people to interact with each other and with infants. It was found that the speech meant for infants helped kids learn more with fewer data.

Helps in cognitive development and helps in language development

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Before a child can speak for the first time he or she keeps rehearsing the speech in their brains for several months. They pick up minute details from all that the adults chatter to them. This helps a great deal in the cognitive development of the kids. Baby talks also serve as an inspiration for the babies to keep babbling more. Parents must also respond to this babbling in a positive manner. All this helps in better language development in children.

Helps in improving vocabulary

A study carried out in developmental science has shown how more babbling helps children have a better vocabulary. In fact, it was found that vocabulary was not associated with the socio-economic background. Children who had heard more baby talk had a better vocabulary and knew on an average 433 words as compared to those who had parents who did not engage in baby talk. These children were found to know less than 200 words.

Helps in attracting attention of kids

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Baby talk is definitely more attractive and helps in attracting the attention of small children. These infants find baby talk more interesting than normal talk. Obviously, it is important to attract the attention of small babies so that they listen to the conversation and develop their language skills.

Helps in learning languages

When you capture the child’s attention with your baby talk he or she is going to listen to you for a longer time. From this melodious form of speech, they can pick up and learn a language faster and better.

The baby talk will help your baby learn fast and will also help in the development of their brain.  Make sure to use this playful language when your kid is giving you his or her complete attention.


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