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Andy Fischer workshop proposes sustainable headquarter design in Mumbai

patel estate 1

Patel Engineering Ltd. seeks services of Andy Fischer workshop to devise an eco-friendly building design for their corporate headquarters in Mumbai, India. Based on the concept of two towers depicting the relationship of the father/son owners, the construction will accommodate a hotel and an office tower.

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Aspiring to gain the coveted LEED Gold rating from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) some time soon, the design will incorporate the first naturally ventilated basement car park, high-level link gardens and a rooftop nursery. It also portends the supposed utilization of various forms of renewable energy.

patel estate 4

The 100,000 sq m corporate office will be converted into multi-level landscaped spaces within the built structures. It will feature complementary façade treatments in the form of some highly stylized sculptural credentials of the client.

patel estate 2

As of now, the headquarter building is under construction.

Via: WorldArchitectureNews

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