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Amazing bioluminescent sea-creatures!

luminescent sea creatures
Have you ever wondered why fireflies or jellyfish are so attractive? What makes them emit light? Is it for protection, luring, attacking or mating? Nature in itself is a vast, elusive storehouse of such light-emitting organisms. Be it marine life or non-marine organisms, we’ve several creatures with bioluminescence. Here, focusing on marine dwelling species, we’ve listed some of these most amazing life forms:

Northern Krill:
This is the most beautiful sea-dweller, I guess, owing to a transparent, bioluminiscent body.
northern krill

Abralia Veranyi:
The squid in this image, Abralia veranyi, has mastered disguise and can ably counter-illuminate against sunlight or moonlight.abralia veranyi

Vampire Squid:
It produces a sudden flash of light to disorient victims.
vampyroteuthis infernalis

You can see them blooming anywhere since they are common in freshwater habitats and the ocean as well.

Cockatoo Squid:
Those bulging eyes might instill awe among onlookers for sure. The Cockatoo Squid is found in New England.
cockatoo squid

Viper Fish:
The viperfish, Chauliodus sloani, has luminescent fins to lure its prey. It’s a quiet and glowing invitation to its victims.
viper fish

Anglerfish (Cryptopsaras couesi):
Cryptopsaras couesi does it to attract mates.
cryptopsaras couesi

Marine Hatchetfish:
Their large, tubular, permanently fixed eyes collect the faintest of light for better visibility.
argyropelecus aculeatus

What is Bioluminescence?
Bioluminescence is the natural mechanism responsible for the production and emission of cold light by a living organism due to a chemical reaction that converts chemical energy into light energy. In most cases, it’s because of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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