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9 – Best music genres for studying math and science

music genres for studying math and science

Everyone has his/her own preferred way of studying. There are some who can study only in absolute silence whereas some prefer some background noise or music. If you like listening to music while you’re burning the midnight oil, you should listen to the right kind of music. Scientists have discovered some genres of music help you concentrate and learn better while you’re studying. If you have math and science as your subjects, then read on to find out the best music for studying math which is different from the music you listen to while studying languages.

Volume matters

 levels of musicBefore we get to the music genres, a word about the volume. The level of volume does matter. Moderate levels of music/sound is desirable as this will enhance your performance. Music becomes a distraction when it is ear-blasting loud. But it is also distracting when the volume is too low, as your brain will be involved in trying to decipher the sound, and you won’t be able to apply your full concentration on your studies. So a medium volume of music which you feel comfortable with is preferred.

Listen to your favourite music

If you love pop music and you listen to classical music as you think it is the ‘right’ choice, you may end up disturbed. A study found that the brain function decreases if people listen to any kind of music they dislike. The brain disconnects from the task at hand. So for better focus and concentration, you should listen to the music you love.

On the other hand, while studying math and science, some say the best music choice is the one you don’t like! This is because you will not get involved in the music and lose concentration, whereas there will be some sound to keep you awake. So try both and choose the music which helps you best.

Best music genres for studying maths and science

1.     Nature sounds

 sounds of nature are soothing and calmingThe sounds of nature are soothing and calming. One study has found that nature sounds are the best to mask the white noise. If you are trying to concentrate in a very noisy environment, put on your headphones and start listening to the sound of the ocean, rain or any other natural sound which you like. There are many natural sound compilations you will find which can lead to higher productivity. Natural sounds are so incredible effective, that this genre could be the best music for studying math.

2.     Classical Music

Classical music has a wide variety of composers and music to choose from. Depending on the kind of mood you’re in, you can choose to listen to a complicated Bach composition or if you want to relax, you can do that with the soothing strains of Chopin. Many students find instrumental classical music as the best for focus and concentration. Whatever you choose, the music genre has to increase your energy, without causing distraction.

3.     Mozart Effect

classical music compositionSome studies found that when we listen to Mozart, there is a temporary ‘enhancement of spatial-temporal reasoning performance’, which they termed as the Mozart Effect. Some later studies revealed that not only Mozart, but any classical music composition which has 60 beats every minute actually causes the boost.

4.     Instrumental music

Classical music may not be to your taste. You may prefer modern music, and within that, the genre of instrumental music may perhaps be the best music for studying math. It could be just instrumental piano, acoustic guitar or a piece of music with many instruments. It’s totally up to you. Every individual should choose the music which gives the most boost to concentration.

5.     EDM

 Electronic Dance Music genreYou might be surprised at our choice of the EDM or Electronic Dance Music genre. We chose this because a few minutes or half an hour of this energetic music full of beats will wake you up and focus on your studies, after you have studied for many hours. Instead of unending cups of coffee, you can just listen to EDM and get pumped up for higher productivity.

Switch the music off and enjoy the silence after some minutes, or listen to some other music to increase your concentration.

6.     Electronic Music

Electronic Music, different from EDM, is considered to be great to study to. It does not have any lyrics, usually, and you might already be a fan of it. It could be the best music for studying math and science, as it is relaxing and least distracting. People usually listen to it to chill out, so try out this music to beat the stress of studying.

7.     Music with lyrics for math

Music-with-lyrics-for-matA Stanford University researcher found that listening to music which has lyrics can be quite distracting if you are writing or reading, basically using your language part of the brain. But if you are studying math, then it could be the best music for studying math. But better avoid lyrics if you are studying science.

8.     Listen to foreign music

Or rather to music which has lyrics in a language you don’t understand. Listen to some French songs or Jamaican music which is really nice to listen to, and you don’t have to make the effort to understand what it’s all about, and you’ll put all your focus on your study.

9.     Listen to songs you know every word of

Listen to songs you know every word ofIf you don’t want to listen to classical or instrumental or any of the music forms mentioned above, then play your favourite songs. You already know the tune and the words so they are very familiar. Your attention will not be diverted by trying to find out what’s coming next, so instead of the latest hit songs, you should listen to the songs you know best. This could be the best music for studying math.

Plan your playlist in advance

Plan your playlist in advanceCreate your playlist in advance, in your off time, or when you are relaxing. If you start making a playlist in your study time, you will be wasting your valuable time. Also don’t spend hours on it as all the music does is provide some background noise to help you concentrate.

When you’re listening to music while studying, listen only till the time you enjoy. If it becomes tiresome, switch it off immediately and reap the benefits of total concentration on your study.

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