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5 Things Tourists Spend Their Vacation Money On

Tourism is one of the sectors that contribute to the rise of the global economy. Tourism has become more noticeable when it comes to a nation’s economy. Economic revival seems to be the top priority among governments across the world. That is why they have embarked on banking more on tourism.

Tourism contributes three to four percent of global GDP. Tourism creates thousands of jobs, encourages infrastructure development in a country, and showcases a sense of cultural exchange between locals and foreigners.

It also feeds into other sectors like the aviation and hospitality industry. The money tourists bring allows businesses to grow tremendously.

Below are activities and items tourists spend most of their money on when they travel.

1. Food


The most popular cuisine tourists love around the world is Italian food. According to an international survey conducted by YouGov, 88% of Americans have tried Italian cuisine on their trip. Italian cuisine emerged first in the survey, followed by both Chinese and Japanese food.

However, foods worldwide have adopted techniques from other cultures to meet the tourists’ preferences. Trying new foods is always exciting for tourists. Specific foods are associated with certain countries.

There are many must-eat foods around the world. For instance, there is podium from Brazil, poutine from Canada, portions of macaroni in France, ramen in Japan, deep-fried olives in Italy, and biltong in South Africa, to name a few.

2. Wine Tasting

While some people travel to discover other cultures and traditions, others travel to drink wine! They even came up with a wine tourism proposal that allows travelers to visit wineries, partake in harvesting, and do a wine tasting. Wine tasting is an amazing experience.

Tourists take guided tours to all the vineyards and wineries. Wine tourism takes them to other countries’ rural areas and inland destinations. This helps them know the history and the connection to the story land and the backstory of its production.

Wine tourism activities include visiting wine museums, tasting sessions, and immersive experiences. Some popular wines for tasting are Frontera, Carlo Ross, Gato Negro, Highlands Forty One Wine, and Screaming Eagle.

3. Shopping


Shopping tourism is the most recent expanding concept in the tourism sector. Interest in this leisure activity by travelers has become a traveling experience to prioritize. Since it is the primary motivation to travel for some, it has combined well with cultural interests in destinations these tourists want to shop.

Downtown areas of cities are points of activity for tourists, making the relationship between tourism and shopping a regular event.

Travelers love local shops as they get quality products that identify with that destination. Apart from shopping, tourists enjoy seeing the manufacturing process of certain items. For example, in Switzerland, they are taken to the watch factory. This visit offers an exquisite experience to customers in that area.

4. Entertainment

Most entertainment attraction sites are among the greatest motivators for tourists to travel worldwide and have fun. In addition, these recreation activities offer many employment opportunities in the tourism sector.

Entertainment generally includes attending cultural fairs, visiting zoos, historic sites, botanical gardens, an art gallery, or watching and participating in gaming.

Entertainment is essential as it brings people of different ethnicities together. Going to an entertainment venue can be one of the best things on a tourist’s agenda. Entertainment tourism aims at improving destination attractiveness which contributes to more future revisits.

5. Local Transportation

Young Smiling Couple Traveling on Tourist Bus

Modes of transportation link tourists to various tourist sites. With better transportation, tourism expands. Poor transportation is one of the reasons for underperformance in most countries.

Tourists have predictable travel patterns and needs. Road and air transport, construction, and maintenance of existing roads are among transportation needs for the promotion and development of tourism.

It isn’t easy to think about tourism without transportation. It is the primary means to get tourists to the site that offers tourism services. In the unique places they love to visit, improvements of transport options should be strategized. Also, put in place different alternatives that match the tourists’ activities.

Here are factors to consider before choosing a mode of transportation for tour companies: competition, pricing, comfort, time limit, distance, status, among others. The best part about traveling is you get to try out different forms of transportation.

There are many benefits of tourism in host destinations. More tourism in a country means there will be safer and advanced facilities. Tourism is an excellent opportunity for foreigners to learn about new cultures. At the same time, they are promoting entrepreneurs’ local services and new products. This is a winning situation for everyone.

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