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5 Popular baby books

Books are the best companion and thus preferred by people of all age groups. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest to start reading out books to your child at an age as early as six months as it proves to be a great opportunity for cuddling and bonding with your young one.

They even tend to pick up on the rhythm of its language. However, for a little older kids, reading out to them helps in building their vocabulary, stimulating their imagination and even improving their communication skills. Statistics show that learning skills and intelligence quotient of a child is depicted by how much of reading has been done to the child in his early months. Not forgetting to keep in mind that the books that you choose for your younger babies should be bold with interesting pictures to grad his attention, along with rhyming and simple words which are easy enough for them to follow and comprehend.

Here’s a list of the 5 most popular baby books.

1. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

This beautiful book revolves around attractive drawings of fishes, its scales and other body parts and is extremely eye-catching in terms of story and illustration. Soothing color schemes with clear and illustrative designs even provide a message along with its content and teaches children the importance of sharing. An outstanding bedtime story to put your toddler to sleep in the soothing arms of rhyming words, not to miss the sparkling scales of the fish that shimmer and shine in night-light. This book is priced at 6.95$ but the values that it teaches is priceless.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The popularity of this book can be ascertained by the number of copies sold. This classical story book has been translated into 20 different languages and 12 million copies of it have already been sold out. It narrates the journey through the life of a caterpillar to becoming a butterfly along with its meals at every stage of its life, making it an all time favorite for both babies and their parents. The bright colors and attractive pictures steal the heart of the younger babies while toddlers get a chance to explore their talent in counting through the caterpillar’s snacks. This book costs as low as 3.98$

3. Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

A perfect bed-time story book, this one narrates the story of a naughty little rabbit who goes to say goodnight to one and all just to escape from being put to sleep. The rhyming text makes it easy and simple for young listeners to understand and the toddlers identify themselves with the bunny’s wishes to stay awake. However, the soothing poetry and pictures put the infants to rest sooner or later as the story progresses from evening to night. The price of this valuable book is 12.99$.

4. Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Runhardt

A book with enhanced qualities like interesting textures and mesmerizing smell which enable the child to touch and feel the bunny, pat it, play peek-a-boo while following along with its activities. This holds the baby’s interest during story sessions within the home-premises or while on the move, making it the top selling baby story book of all times. This book’s first edition came in 1940, since then it has been a favorite family book for many generations.

5. Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

This three-dimensional creation with bright and bold illustrations and touchable ladybugs make it wonderful and outstanding for infants. The rhyming story scheme of 10 ladybugs, which vanish one by one make an interesting story-line for young listeners. It even helps toddlers to practice their numerals and colors as well as recognize similar creatures in the illustrations. Providing a first hand fun-filled learning experience, this book is suitable for babies of all ages.

Reading out books to toddlers and infants can help boost their development in many ways. It encourages and increases their comprehension power right from their early days and even grows interest in them to read it themselves. Remember, the choice of books plays a major role in grabbing and holding a baby’s interest, so also, the way the story is narrated to the little one.

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