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£1 million invested for a Reuse Centre in London

Fashion Designer and the co-founder of the Fashion Label Red or Dead Wayne Hemmingway MBE opened a re-use centre in Greenford West London. This centre is supposed to divert a total of 9,000 tons of items from incinerations and landfills that can be re-used.

This West London Reuse centre was opened on December 5 this year and this 37000 square foot centre has repair workshops, fully computerized tracking systems of the products and even a retail space is present that is meant to take care of items like furniture, refrigerators, cookers, electrical appliances and the like

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Local authorities will provide the feedstock as per the contracts; even housing associations and commercial firms and sources are a part of this plan. The best part is even the public can donated and it will be collected through the re-use hotlines. Whatever items they gather will be collected if needed repaired and then will be sold at a cheaper price to the needy.

Since these are the initial years the capacity of the centre will be 1400 tonnes annually but by the end of the fifth year they will increase it to 2500. As per the information gathered half of the wastes they collect come from commercial source.

LRN claims that this centre will be able to divert reusable items mainly for household sources gathered from all the incinerations and landfills, the amount of these will be approximately equal to 8900 tonnes. This will also have a positive impact on placements and is expected to create round about 25 full time jobs with almost 75000 hours for work placements and also volunteering in the upcoming 5 years.

As already mentioned a total of £ 1 million is already invested in this re-use centre of west London by LRN and the Shepherds Bush Housing Group to facilitate the expansion of reuse capacity of wastes in the city. A major part of the LRN funding comes from the LWaRB (London Waste and Recycling Board).

For our readers this is not the first projects funded by LRN, they have helped a number of projects across the city like the reuse workshop of appliance and furniture in Smuggler’s Way, Wandsworth which is a paint scheme of pan-London and so also the workshop and retail space in Friern Barnet.

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Knowing the true value and need to reuse items Mr Hemmingway MBE said that he comes from a thrifty household that always understood the importance of Reuse. And so by helping in this process of regular reuse he is not saving the earth from the burden of tonnes of wastes (among which majority are reusable or recycled) but also give a helping hand to the employment rate and this one being a long term employment opportunity .

This would also help you to cut down your council tax by disposing lesser amount of wastes and hence saving the cost of disposing unwanted wastes of the council.

Not to forget the reuse centre will sell of the goods to the needy at a discounted rate and so the deprived section of the society will also get to decorate their house with Artefacts they could dream of or electronic appliances they could never afford.

All parts of the society will be helped and this reuse centre will turn out a benefit to the entire city of London and to the environment too.


This reuse centre came up with a five year plan but fell short of their target in their very first commercial year by almost 50 per cent.

But now plans have been made to boost up this number in the upcoming year and achieve more than expected by the end of the term







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