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Urology and Andrology

Anatomical or structural disorders of the kidneys and in the urinary tract result in urological diseases. It is one of specialty branches of surgery covering any disorder related to bladder, kidneys and prostate. An expert urologist deals with all urological treatments in both males and females. Andrology deals with surgery connected with male genitalia reconstruction in cases where patients face sexual dysfunction and sub fertility.

Andrology is a sub branch of urology but the reverse doesn’t hold true. Indian specialists and facilities are armed with the latest developments in penile and testicle anatomy and surgery. Reputed facilities perform robotic surgery the most updated version of minimally-invasive surgery available till date.

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A range of disorders relating to urological system has received a positive response in the route to recovery. These diseases include kidney stones, benign enlargement of prostrate, bladder and kidney, congenital diseases, urinary tract infections, male erectile dysfunction, male infertility, renal failure and urinary incontinence.

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SpringMedo assists you in availing treatments for a range of urological diseases. Some of the common procedures sought after by medical travelers are as follows:

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Bladder Cancer

Aged population is vulnerable to it and blood in urine is a sign. Early detection and treatment is the best. Surgery, intravesical therapy, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy are recommended treatments.

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate is a small walnut like gland producing seminal fluid. Prostate problems leading to urinary incontinence is a common procedure. Cryotherapy is a minimally-invasive procedure to treat prostate cancer.

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Kidney Cancer

The cancer initiates at the tubule lining and spreads thereafter. This is often treated with surgery, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Occasionally, radiation and chemotherapy can be given. In advanced stages, patients are given multiple therapies.

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Kidney Failure

Here the kidney fails to removed body wastes and balance our body fluids. Toxins build up in our blood. While acute kidney damage can be cured by adequate treatment, chronic kidney disease is not reversal. You will need medications and in extreme classes filtering blood with machine dialysis and transplant.

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Kidney stones

These are hardened deposits with varying size and their presence in urinary tract can be very agonizing. Commonly recommended treatments are  medication, lithotripsy (extracorporeal shock wave therapy), tunnel surgery and ureteroscopy.

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Urinary Tract Infection

This happens when bacteria from urethra, kidney, ureters and bladder flow into blood stream. This can be disastrous if timely interventions are not offered. Normally, it can be controlled by medications. Those with recurrence incidence must take special care of their diet and lifestyle.