Colposcopy is a gynecological procedure helpful for obtaining an illustrative, magnified view of the cervix, vagina, and vulva; in order to determine the structural abnormality and associated diseased condition.

Additional information about the procedure

  • The procedure is usually painless can be performed in the clinic itself.

    Preparation before procedure

    • Test to be scheduled when not menstruating.
    • Sexual intercourse, vaginal medications, application of tampons should be avoided 24 hours prior to the procedure.

The abnormalities associated with cervix and vagina can be detected, such as:

An accurate diagnosis can be achieved through the application of specific tests like an acetic acid wash, color filters, and tissue biopsies.

Cervical abnormalities can be eliminated using certain treatments, such as:

These treatment procedures are associated with some discomfort or pain.
Colposcopy Precautions

Precautions after the Procedure

  • Post-procedure, slight bleeding, or discharge of green-coffee colored fluid can be reported for a few days.
  • The patient is advised to avoid douching, sexual intercourse, vaginal medications, or the application of tampons.