Most frequent questions and answers
Simply put, medical tourism means traveling to other countries for healthcare purpose. It is also termed as global healthcare travel or medical travel as it involves crossing international borders.

Medical tourism is gaining popularity mainly due to quick availability of world-class medical assistance at a surprisingly low cost in specific destinations which also accommodates a relaxing vacationing package for the patients.

If you are looking for a quick solution to a medical requirement but are either stuck up in the long queuing list or the treatment cost is exorbitantly high in your country, you can opt for medical tourism. Specific treatments may not be available in your country but you may need it badly. Medical tourism is a great option in that case.


  • You need an immediate solution to your ailment.
  • The treatment cost is too high beyond the coverage of health insurance.
  • You are willing to travel beyond the borders keeping aside all apprehensions.
  • You are looking for a treatment which is not approved in your own country.

Any treatment whether it is simple or complex, surgical or non-surgical or even the recently developed stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine can be availed through medical tourism.

That would mainly depend on your medical requirement and the availability of healthcare expertise related to it. Certain destinations are globally reputed for specific ailments. Therefore, your choice should be based on that.

Language cannot be a barrier in an abroad destination provided you take help of translators or interpreters from reliable providers. Many hospitals/clinics offer this service in the package.

You can check the safety index of the destinations on the net. Your service provider and facilitator will also keep you updated about the safety standards of your preferred destination.

Obviously, you can make your own choice but that needs to be under the proper guidance of a reliable medical tourism advisor or facilitator with a proven track record. You need to have a thorough understanding of the facilities available in the clinic and quality of treatment before finalizing the choice.

You can access the healthcare organizations directly but scouring through a long list can be confusing. You may end up in making a wrong choice. It is wise to take expert advice who can guide you through depending on your treatment requirement.

Yes. You can talk to the physicians before flying to your destination country through your provider or facilitator.

You will be given our contact numbers and email IDs through which you can reach us anytime. We would also keep in touch with the hospital/clinic where you would be treated and gather regular updates on your status.

For a foreigner, it is always recommended to select JCI and ISO accredited hospitals/clinics. These clinics are given due accreditation considering their strict adherence to quality services and practices, a global benchmark set by JCI.

Treatment and hospitalization is not the only objective of medical tourism. Tourism is also equally important to enhance your wellbeing and quality of life so that you come back home with a rejuvenated body and mind. You should plan smartly for your post-treatment vacation. It can be of short or long duration but would certainly help in your fast recovery.

You can plan your own checking the site seeing options and activities available in the selected destination. Else you may contact tourism professionals, advisors or facilitators who will guide you to chalk an ideal post treatment vacationing package. After studying your physical condition and the treatment that you have undergone, they will suggest you the best options suitable for you.

It will depend on the procedure that you will undergo and the pace of your recovery. However, an estimated recovery period will be given to you prior to the treatment which may get extended in case your recovery is slower.

After being satisfied with your post treatment health parameters, the concerned surgeon or physician will give the green signal to fix the date of your flight.

Your surgeon and physician would provide a detailed after-care program before discharge. In some cases, this can be done through telemedicine facilities preventing you from taking another long trip to visit the clinic/hospital.

Definitely, one adult family member or friend can accompany you. He/she may be provided proper accommodation within the clinic or in a standard accommodation nearby where he/she can be your side when required.

It is no doubt a legitimate concern for you. However, Indian government has taken sufficient measures to protect the interests of foreign medical travelers through proper accreditation of hospitals/clinics to minimize the chances of health hazards.

As a reliable advisor, we take utmost precautions to protect you from any sort of mishap. The listed hospitals also will be transparent in explaining you the risks associated with the treatment. While handling foreign patients, the providers strive to offer the best care because they are aware a single negative incident will spoil their goodwill and global brand image. Therefore, they almost ensure your safety and satisfaction. Though one cannot guarantee the outcome of a surgery, this uncertainty prevails in every clinic/hospital be it domestic or abroad.