Government aims to explore untapped medical tourism potential in India

Medical tourism industry has become one of the fastest growing industries of the world and for India; this industry has a lot of importance owing to the reason that this industry brings a huge inflow of money to the system and contributes to the gross domestic product of the country. Globally, this industry has advanced to such an extent that today almost all countries are a part of it in one way or the other. Indian medical tourism facilities are well renowned in the world, and the government, having realized the massive potential in this field, is making significant efforts to explore the untouched opportunities that will take Medical Tourism in India to greater heights.

Government comes into play:

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Realizing that medical tourism has a lot of potential in India and that it has to be duly promoted, the union tourism ministry has decided to promote the untapped market, in the medical tourism industry. To make sure this is done in an effective manner, a new set of guidelines are provided to promote the unexplored opportunities. The government has finally realized that this industry has to be promoted on a larger level so that its impact is also massive and thus the economy will benefit at large. The union government voiced its opinion in the wellness tourism summit this year, which was organized PHD, Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Guidelines to be implemented:

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The central government has presented a number of guidelines to promote this sector. They have formulated norms to promote the medical tourism market by injecting sufficient incentives to medical tourism facilitators, and the operators of the stream. This will greatly help in exploring the untapped medical tourism potential in India, according to the tourism secretary, Parvez Dewan. He stated that incentives so provided would be directed towards NGOs that will further help in promoting medical tourism. These incentives are also to be a part of reimbursement of expenses, by medical tour operators and facilitators, which will help them, propagate world-class medical tourism in India and abroad.

Increasing the role of Medical tourism Facilitators:

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The center has realized that medical tourism can be propagated effectively with the help of medical tourism facilitators and thus they have to be strengthened holistically. Monetary help is to be provided to these facilitators so that they can be a part of global seminars, symposiums, and trade fairs etc. This will help them promote the Indian Medical tourism industry on global fronts.

Once the position of the medical tourism facilitators is strong enough around the world, they can help gather a lot many medical travelers and influence to undertake the respective treatments in India. This will have a very positive effect on the global image of India and will fetch a lot of revenue to the state as well.

Going all in one:

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The joint Commission International has accredited several well-reputed hospital chains in India; the centre has realized that they have to play this strength well, to the best of their abilities. To provide a smooth and comforting experience to the medical travelers, the center has provided guidelines to these hospital chains to carry out the all-inclusive approach, where right from the documentations to treatments be performed under one roof, to avoid any confusion or hassle.

Centre wants to make it big:

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Medical tourism industry in India, indeed has a very bright future. This industry has the potential to contribute to the betterment of the economy like none other. The government has finally realized that they have to promote actions to explore these hidden opportunities. The centre aims to make it big globally.

Summary: Medical tourism industry in India has a lot of potential and the government has realized its importance and has presented guidelines to make this industry grow big in India.

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