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5 World’s Most Outrageous and Scariest bridges

1. Royal Gorge Bridge – Colorado This bridge is America’s highest suspension bridge. It was built in 1929 at a height of 969 feet above and it is 1260 feet long. It is hanging over Arkansas River in Royal Gorge, Colorado,

2. Aiguille du Midi Bridge – France

This bridge is hanging at 12,600 feet high above sea level. It is located at the summit of Aiguille du midi in the Mont Blanc massif. If you enjoy heights then it is a perfect place for you. You can not close your eyes from the beauty of this place. Those who are afraid of height should enjoy the pictures only, as reaching this place require a ride of cable car of about 20 minutes covering around 9200 vertical feet.

3. Capilano Suspension Bridge – Canada

This bridge was built in north Vancouver, British Columbia, across the capilano river. It is 450 feet long and 230 feet high. It was Originally built in 1889, this simple suspension footbridge surrounded by an evergreen forest is very high, fairly narrow, and extremely shaky.  If the bridge doesn’t scare you, then this is place for you during spring;  the Cliffhanger attraction will allow visitors to climb across a series of suspended walkways attached to a cliff.

4. Trift Suspension Bridge – Switzerland

It is one of the Alp’s longest and highest pedestrian bridge. Trift Glacier near the town of Gadmen in swiss Alps at a height of 328 feet and it is 558 feet long. It was built in 2004 to reconnect hikers to a hut made inaccessible by a retreating glacier.

5. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge Northern – Ireland

It is located near Ballintoy in county Antrim, northern Ireland. It is 65 feet long nearly 100 feet above the rocks below. It has many visitors during season but most of them who walk across simply can’t handle the return and have to go by boat. It used to be even scarier. This rope bridge is popular with tourists seeking a thrill, and the National Trust replaced it with a sturdier structure with two handrails.]]>


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