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Why United Arab Emirates is Popular Among Medical Tourists?

Why United Arab Emirates is Popular Among Medical Tourists?

A wealthy nation with the highest standard of living, first-rate infrastructure and expensive cars is the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visitors from all over the world happily come here for a restful vacation on the cleanest beaches and fascinating shopping in infinite retail centers. With its limitless entertainment options, opulent lodgings, expensive automobiles, unique cuisine, and other amenities, Dubai has something for everyone. Where, if not in Dubai, you can plunge into the atmosphere of luxury, for example, using the luxury supercar rentals service. Renting a luxury car will help you feel the maximum level of comfort and serenity. Also expensive cars attract attention.

More Than What Meets the Eye

But, of course, the attractiveness of the emirate is not limited to the possibilities of recreational tourism – businessmen, scientists, doctors, specialists of various fields of knowledge come to Dubai with their personal and professional goals. In the United Arab Emirates, medicine reached the world level relatively recently, about 20 years ago.

Why Dubai for Medical Tourism?

Recently, Dubai has made a lot of efforts to turn the city into a world center for medical tourism. The current influx of medical tourists shows that the effort was well spent. The state is a prominent proponent of the growth of medicine and medical travel. Every member of the staff has undergone training in accordance with international standards, and many speak more than one language, allowing them to freely interact with different tourist groups.

The year-round possibility of recreation in the United Arab Emirates allows you not to think about when choosing the time of travel for a medical and health-improving vacation.

People go to the Emirates for a full-fledged treatment in the field of cardiac surgery, especially for complex operations with an open chest. With the help of the most sophisticated equipment and the highest qualification of surgeons, operations are performed to eliminate various defects of the heart system, even in babies.

Operative and productive treatment of oncological diseases and infertility in women, diseases in the urological area, various consequences of injuries and eye diseases.

Medical centers in Dubai offer patients to experience innovative treatments and technologies. The giant territory of the medical center includes several specialized clinics, divided into the main areas of the medical center.

In addition, there are also highly specialized departments, such as joint prosthetics, a diabetes treatment center and an oncology center.

Numerous thermal springs and mineral springs in the United Arab Emirates have made it possible to create many hotels with their own spa areas.

The Joint International Commission has accredited numerous hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. Most foreign hospitals are approved by this organization. A hospital must fulfill the requirements in order to be accredited.

Basic healthcare solutions offered in Dubai:

  • Treatments for cancer;
  • Dental procedures;
  • Orthopaedic procedures;
  • Cosmetic surgery. 

If you decide to undergo treatment or examination in Dubai, then we have prepared for you a brief scheme of how it works: 

  • You leave a request indicating a problem or diagnosis;
  • Doctor-coordinator studies your request and contacts you;
  • Doctor-coordinator selects the best clinic and doctor for your case based on your wishes and needs;
  • Doctor-coordinator coordinates the program with you and helps to organize a trip for treatment;
  • You are undergoing treatment, your doctor coordinator accompanies you at all stages of treatment, online or in person if necessary.

As you can see, medical tourism in the United Arab Emirates, and especially in Dubai, is very well developed and popular, because the state creates all the conditions.

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