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U.S. Government patents ‘diesel fuel reformulation technology’ to reduce air pollution

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Diesel fuels have been in the shelves of automobile outlets for long, but, is increasingly becoming a matter of concern for environmentalists due to its polluting nature. As a result many scientists have gone for an alternative like bio-diesel, but, very few have thought of ‘reformulating’ the existing diesel fuel.

Eventually, to reformulate the available diesel in the U.S., the government has recently developed an innovative methodology with a hope that it might help speed the ‘reformulation’ up.

But, if you are trying to grab it for sale in your country, just forget it, as the U.S. Department of Energy has recently patented the reformulation technology. The technology is developed at its Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

But, why reformulation?

The existing bio-fuels in the market, once reformulated using the new technology are expected to result in less air pollution. According to the researchers, it would save the consumers an estimated $3.6 billion during the expected ‘period of 12-year product impact’.

The new patented technique is called — Principal Components Regression Plus. The reformulated fuel would overcome other emissions predictive technique-inherent problems, the researchers claim.

The reformulated diesel fuels is said to provide significantly reduced nitrogen oxides emissions. It would also reduce the emission of particulate matters that are relative to commercially available diesel fuels.

Thus, it can be concluded that the formulated fuels would be able to improve the characteristics of vehicle operations, the government scientists hope.

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