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Typhoon Fitow rattles Japan

typhoon fitow strikes japan

Friday saw Japan battle with natural fury in the form of Typhoon Fitow, spelling disaster for few, hundreds injured, an equal number missing, either swept away or vanished to safer places.

Typhoon Fitow landed onto Japan, smashing it with thunderous rains and gusty winds, throwing normal life out of gear, dismantling infrastructure, houses, roads, supply and power lines. Sudden rain pounding created furor in the rivers, disturbing their natural flow and filling them with gallons of water. Tama River, in particular overflowed, sweeping villages across. The typhoon became a headache for apple growers, who very much aware of the storm started plucking apples, eyeing to store at safer places, away from the eye of the tropical storm. While few others have gone missing, either swept away by smashing storm or deserted their places for safer havens to rescue themselves from the thunderous storm.

As the storm calms down, rescue operations have quickened and search teams for the missing dispatched. Thousands of homes are made to live in drakness because of power breakdown, thanks to dismantling of electricity lines by the storm.
typhoon fitow hits japan

Japan is a country in the eye of natural furies, spanning from earthquakes, landslides, tropical storms and typhoons. Its location in Open Ocean makes Japan particularly vulnerable to natural fury like Typhoons that pound disastrously many a times, particularly when they bring in thunderstorms, flooding rain, hailstorms and landslides.

While few in the country take it as yet another natural fury, some blame it on climate change that is building to smash the planet with similar disasters. This year, especially reminds and warns of the disasters waiting to unleash.



Source: Reuters

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