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Tropical storm may increase hurricane activities this century

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Scientists have always been pondering on if global warming, that occurs by heating the seas, adding muscles to hurricanes, also makes these storms more frequent! A new study opens a new horizon of explaining this prevailing query of the research fraternity.

A new research claims that weather events occurring in the distant Pacific and West Africa can help determine major hurricanes’ frequency, which eventually strike the Caribbean and West Atlantic.

With big hurricanes whacking the island of Vieques, their waves churn the seabed at the same time. In the process, it deposits layers of coarse sand on the bottom of the lagoon, which are the telltales of a history of 5,000 year-old local hurricanes!

Defying the belief that warmer water in the West Atlantic will make hurricanes more powerful and frequent by pumping up atmospheric convection; the new study reveals that it is intense tropical storm — a typhoons and hurricanes-including category – that would be increasing the hurricane activity this century.


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