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Top 10 creatively delicious fruit bowls


Fresh fruits add a zing to your dining table, and symbolize health and good eating habits. They form an intricate part of a family’s daily routine, and are specially high on every mother’s priority. With these new, creative and contemporary designs the ‘same ol’ fruit bowl has now morphed into a style statement any modern kitchen would love to sport.

1. The Ring


Creation of designer Joung Myung Lee from Germany, The Ring is a unique wall-mountable fruit bowl made of porcelain. The Ring can be loaded with fruits from the top opening, each of which can be taken out from a similar opening located at the bottom of it. Pristine and contemporary, the Ring is apt for saving space as well.

2. Flat Knot Bowl


Made of a flat sheet of steel, which has been knotted in itself, the Flat Knot Bowl makes for a beautiful center piece even when empty. Creation of designer Ronen Kadushin, the Knot Bowl is manufactured in Germany.

3. Fruit Stack


The Fruit Stack looks contemporary, allows for fruit to ripen at ease, while also saving on precious counter space. Made of polished stainless steel, this vertical fruit rack is quite reasonable on the pocket too.

4. Cocoon Fruit Bowl


Interesting in shape with an oval opening that gives a nice glimpse of the contents, the Cocoon Fruit Bowl is compact and elegant. Its mirror-polished stainless steel look will work best in modern kitchens and dining rooms.

5. Bubblicious Bowl


Fresh design is the prime USP of the Bubblicious. Comprising of varying volumes of spheres, the innovative design of this bowl facilitates placement of fruit of different sizes. Bubblicious is sure to add a sparkle to that contemporary kitchen table of yours.

6. The Fruit Slide


Playful and creative, the Fruit Slide is the brainchild of designers Michael Andersson and Maria Axelqvist of Sweden. One has to merely load the slide, and once one is taken the fruit line will start to roll.

7. Stiletto Fruit Bowl


The Stiletto Fruit Bowl is brought to us from the house of ZACK, known for its exclusive, stainless steel accessories. Stylish and minimalistic in design, this modern bowl makes it all look pretty simple.

8. La Stanza Dello Scirocco


Expressly custom made for contemporary kitchens, the La Stanza Fruit Holder has been designed by Mario Trimarchi. Made of mirror polished stainless steel, this piece is distinctively futuristic in look.

9. Earth Fruit Bowl


Fluid Forms of Austria gives you an oppurtunity to design your own customised 3-dimensional Earth Fruit Bowl, using Google Maps. This unique piece is crafted out of laminated Maple/Walnut wood, and is a creative gifting option too.

10. Brekke’s Ceramic Fruit Bowls


This picturesque design comes to us from Norwegian ceramic artist Siri Brekke. This series of fruit trays look like moulds of the actual fruit. The outward layer of it is made of white ceramic, while the inner cavity is coloured to match the specific fruit.

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