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Simple tricks to boost your home security system

You invest in a home security system thinking that it would make your home secure, and you will be able to live in peace with your family. Well, there is no two way about this because home security systems actually do so.

However, your security system itself runs high on risk of malicious attacks by the hackers. It can only make your home safe if the system itself is safe. All you are supposed to do is to take some precautions that will eliminate every risk and maintain your home’s security.

Use WPA2

You set up a home security system and you log on to your router. Ensure that you use WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II), an encryption standard that connects you to the router. WPA2 is the best standard you can use to keep your system secure, as it keeps encrypting all traffic between your router and devices. This procedure is a safety standard that ensures nobody else except you seize data.

Keep a strong and unique password

Your home security system’s router comes with a pre-set password. The problem with the password is that it is easy for the hackers to guess it because usually it is the company’s name. The first step is to change the password, think of one that is strong, as in that hackers would have a hard time, and fail to guess it.

It should be a long password, say of 20 characters that include everything from numbers, alphabets, to symbols. Such a strong password would not only be a problem for criminals but also for your neighbours who try to steal your network bandwidth speed.

Enable and Configure a Firewall

A Firewall is a safety wall that controls flow of information between your router and internet. Most of the modern home routers come with a built-in firewall that you just have to enable once you set up the router.

Read its user guide or ensure people who come for installation take care of it. Once it is enabled, you need to configure its security settings. Set a password that is strong enough to withstand malicious trials of the hackers and can protect your home come what may.

Change home wireless network’s name

There is something called SSID (Service Set Identifier) in a home wireless network, which is the name of your home network. The name appears on devices whenever they try to connect to your wireless network.

Router manufacturers usually assign SSID name to router that is the company’s name. Once you bring it home and install it, make sure you change that SSID into a code that is hard for the hackers to guess. In case, you do not change it, it means you are giving hacker golden opportunity to hack your system.

Keep updating your router’s software

Your router’s software deserves as much attention as you pay to other software you have on your operating system. For instance, the antivirus software you install on your computer in order to keep all your data safe from virus attack.

That antivirus software that you install benefits you only if you keep updating it, or else if fails to give the sufficient protection. It is the case with your router’s software, keep updating it with the latest security updates.

Hide your network

Hacker stealing data from computer

One of the best and the simplest things you could do to protect your home security system against the malicious intentions of hackers is to configure your wireless router and make it invisible. Doing this will fail the hackers to find the associated Wi-Fi network. This is a simple way you can use but ensure you use it along with other safety measures, as alone this step would not be able to give your home security system the required safety.

A home security system provides impeccable security to a home provided the system itself is secure from the hackers. There are several safety measures and precautions that help making a home security network a safe network.


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