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SCORE: A Multi-functional biomass Cook stove

score cookstove

We all are aware the damages that biomass-fired stoves do to the environment with the smoke and toxins emitted by them. Still majority of the places in the developing nations are seen using them. To lighten the harmful effects of the biomass-fired stoves Researchers at the University of Nottingham have developed a high-efficiency biomass cook stove that functions as an electric generator as well.

The multi-functional stove called SCORE, a stove for cooking, refrigeration and electricity generation works by converting heat into acoustic energy, which in turn is converted into electricity with a linear alternator. Due to its highly efficient nature, the stove can run an hour on a single kilogram of fuel. It consumes three times less fuel in comparison with its counterparts. SCORE weighing somewhere between 10-20 kilograms would cost $33. Researchers are presently performing field trials in Nepal and hope it to hit the market soon after 2012.

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