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River Art by Ahmad Nadalian: Eco-art for art’s sake!

nadalian 01

If there is any audience in the future, this work will tell them the story of life and humanity.

Ahmad Nadalian is one of those eco-aware artists who silently portray the environmental joys and tumults on sand, rocks and caverns. This time also, he incises various depictions of fish, snakes, human figures, images of birds, snakes in one of his art collections, dubbed as River Art. Well, he never asks for credit since the collection is scattered and the artwork lies buried across the globe.

The environmental artist draws inspiration from Iranian rituals wherein such images are the signs of treasure. However, with compassion for nature and concern toward various issues like global warming, water crisis and threat to marine life, this eco-lover highlights all of them via his art. He always promises to highlight the plight of neglected streams and rivers around the world.

Except Antarctica, he has traveled to various cities and continents and has chiseled his memoirs with a definite artwork. Have a look at them, here:

Works in Paris:
nadalian paris nadalian paris

Works in Iran:
nadalian iran
nadalian iran 2

Works in Germany:
nadalian germany
nadalian germany

Works in China:
china nadalian 3
china nadalian 4
china nadalian
china nadalian 2

The Coast of Persian Gulf:
nadalian gulf
nadalian gulf 2
nadalian gulf 3

Nadalian in Turkey
persian gulf 1
nadalian turkey

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