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Olympic City Beijing Fails Pollution Test: WHO

beijing PkfgP 17620With all its fun and frolic Beijing is all ready to start 2008 Olympics. The world is waiting impatiently for the glorious night of light and delight. But in the midst of all these, there is something still missing in the city. What’s that? It’s the clean and clear air to make the big event a successful one. Yes! Unfortunate but true, Beijing has failed the pollution test made by World Health Organization.

The data collected regarding the dust particles in Beijing air reveals serious facts about present condition. There are many scheduled events like run and cycling which may get adversely affected by this highly polluted air. The WHO pollution-test was based on airborne particles known as PM10 – it’s a source of much of this city’s pollution. The test was conducted on a week-long period, from 1st July to 7th July. Except one day, all the other six days disqualified for the Olympic event. Even on one of these days, the pollution reading was seven times over the WHO’s air quality guideline. Report says that if the air is still bad during the Olympics, some endurance events might have to be postponed or delayed. That’s really shocking, for the players as well as for the millions of audience all around the world.

China has already been criticized by the environmentalists for its unchecked atmospheric pollution. The fast growing manufacturing companies are causing huge Carbon emission, because of coal as its major energy source. The dust particles in the air are generally caused by traffic, manufacturing works, building sites and factory etc. Of course, Beijing has taken necessary emergency action against this air-pollution. It includes ban of cars on the city-road and temporary postpone of construction works.

Let’s hope that Beijing will fulfill its commitment to achieve clean air, made at the time of bid for the Olympics, that was in 2001. But think for a moment, when the whole world is worried for how to control the environmental pollution within 20 years, is it possible that Beijing will control its air-pollution within a month?

Source: bbc

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