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Myths about child sexual abuse prevention that you need to dispel

Knowledge is the biggest defense when it comes to the prevention of child sexual abuse. By educating and empowering yourself and your child, you can make him/her a hard target for the ruthless child sex predators. Regarding this, a big step for you would be to dispel following myths about child sexual abuse prevention.

Myth 1: Women don’t abuse kids

This isn’t true. Women do abuse kids. However, when compared to men, women are less likely to abuse children sexually.

Myth 2: Sexual abuse always includes physical contact

Sexual abuse of children not always includes a physical contact but non-physical contact as well. Some child sex predators make children watch pornography or make them participate in acts of voyeurism.

Myth 3: Perpetrators of child sex abuse are only strangers

Most of the parents believe that guarding their children against strangers is the only way to keep their children safe from sex abuse. This isn’t real at all, as majority of the child sex abusers are those whom the child knows, trusts, likes, loves and probably even lives-with in the same house.

Myth 4: It’s okay to make young children hug adults, even if they don’t really like it

We often force a toddler or a kid to hug or kiss an adult just because we want them to do so. Even when the child resists, we compel them to give a kiss to an aunt or a hug to some uncle. By doing so, without realizing we make the child understand that he has no control over who touches his body. Additionally, our behavior also tells the child that he should not say no to an adult. That adult can be a child sex perpetrator.

Myth 5: Child sexual abuse happens only with girls

If you believe that only girls get sexually abused and that boys are safe from it then you are wrong. Boys and girls are equally affected by this till the age of 12. It is after adolescence that girls are more affected in comparison to boys.

Myth 6: Children lie about abuse to get attention

Many parents doubt their child to be lying about sexual abuse just to seek attention. Parents must understand that it takes a lot of courage for children to come forward and report a sexual abuse that they have seen or experienced. Therefore, rather than doubting them immediately call local social services for help.


Parents and all the guardians must be aware of all the myths related to child sexual abuse prevention. If parents know the truth then they can guard their children efficiently against this menace.

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