Must have tools for a useful gardening kit


<![CDATA[Do you have a love for gardening? Then you need to have the best quality gardening tools in your kit. Quality of the tools and products used for gardening can enhance and improve your garden a lot. One needs to understand and research well before buying gardening tools.

You need not have many electronic types of equipment in your gardening tool kit, apart from the lawn mower. Equipments such as fertilizers, culture mounds etc can destroy the texture of your garden soil. For small scale, household gardens these high level techniques are not needed. Moreover, household gardens are easy and quick to maintain.

Another important factor is using tough and ergonomic tools for gardening. The number of tools is not important. Few quality tools are sufficient enough for good gardening.  You should buy equipments that are resistant and durable. A good quality spade or fork last for decades. A lot of expensive yet less sustainable tools are available in the market. However, you need to keep away from them. Long usage of these tools can cause physical problems to the gardener too. Hence, you should take care that you purchase tools that are ergonomic, as they do not cause health problems if used for longer periods.

You must be wondering if gardening needs a lot of tools. Well, that’s not the case. Having a few ones can be sufficient and easy on your pocket. The most needed and essential ones are a bucket, barrow and glove. Apart from the listed three, the other important equipments are:

  • Rake: This is the most important tool used for gardening. It’s cheap and is generally used for quick activities.
  • Spade: Spades are used to outline borders to your gardens. It can also be used for loading wheelbarrow, digging paths and holes. They are also a must if you intend to plant shrubs.
  • Pruning: You should purchase a high quality handheld trimmer. It should be lightweight, as it can cause health problems otherwise.
  • Trowel: A good quality trowel can be used for many purposes like weeding, planting and transplanting.
  • Hoe: The “Dutch Hoe” is a good choice. This is an important tool secondary to a fork tool.
  • Fork: It is a key element of the garden tool kit. It is has multi-purpose usage.


Garden tools need to be ergonomic and tough. Moreover, they should be easy to your use. Do not indulge yourself in buying attractive garden tools, since they are usually not durable.]]>

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