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Main Types of Metal Products and Their Purpose


Rolled metal products are the products which are obtained by cold or hot rolling. Ferrous and nonferrous metals can be used for the production of, as well as stainless steel. The scope of application is simply endless. Metals can be used for construction, engineering, aircraft manufacturing, instrument making, agriculture, and chemical industry. Metal products are reliable, high-quality and available for everyone. This is due to several factors, but the main one is the huge choice of types of products that are manufactured from rolled metal. What kinds of metal products you can find on sale today?

✓    Armature

Armature is a rod made of hot rolled steel. It is intended for reinforcement of various building structures. First of all, it is used in reinforced concrete and monolithic constructions. Thanks to it, they become stronger and more durable, and therefore high-quality fittings are in great demand among customers. There are many types of fittings. First of all, it is classified according to diameter, moreover, the armature is smooth and grooved, it depends on how firmly it engages with concrete. In addition, the valve can be released from steel of various grades, which directly affects its technical characteristics. In addition to standard armature rods, it can represent connections of elements, for example, strands, bundles or ropes twisted from the armature.

✓    Beam

The beam belongs to large-sized products from metal rolling, and it is applied, first of all, in various types of construction, including house building. With the help of beams of various sizes and shapes, floors and columns can be interconnected, as well as bridges and supports that are strengthened. High-quality beams of various forms are highly demanded in production as of today, since metal structures are considered the most reliable and durable elements for the erection of buildings and structures.

✓    Pipe


Pipes are another popular type of metal products. They are used in all types of industries that involve the transfer of volatile and liquid materials (gas, water, oil, chemical compounds, food products, etc.) over certain distances. Pipes can have different diameters (from 30 mm to 530, as well as non-standard sizes), length (from 4 to 12 meters, and also non-standard sizes). Pipes can be round, rectangular, square or oval. Such a variety of characteristics makes it easy to choose a pipe for various needs. In addition to the metal, pipes can be made of polyethylene, cast iron and other types of materials.

✓    Gate valves

This product is directly related to pipes. They allow you to adjust the direction and pressure of liquids in them. Valves are selected depending on pressure, mounting type, type of fluid, configuration of all equipment and the entire system, as well as other parameters.

✓    PFC (U-channel)

It is a product with P-section, made of steel metal. It is produced by running the work piece through the varietal machines by hot rolling. There are various types of channels, for example, with parallel edges or with an internal stop, or channel equal-shelf.

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