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It is not smart homes but smart apartments that will rule the future

smart apartments that will rule the future

Well it seems that the future was already predicted through one of the most famous cartoons that were on the top 10 list- The Jetsons. For those who remember this cartoon, if you really sit down and ponder, you will find that the devices and gadget shown in various episodes are now a reality.

Right from videophones to the talking alarm clock and the cleaningbot named Rosy; Jetsons is no longer the name of a cartoon but has now turned into reality. When we look at the future today, it is not smart homes but smart apartments, which will rule the market. It is going to be living the Jetsons cartoon in reality, so what can we expect from the future apartments? Read on to find out.

The key will be replaced

Very soon, the smart lock will replace the traditional lock and key of the main door. As technology advances, the demands of the consumer segment will also change. From the traditional key to the computerized one and now with the introduction of the smart lock, we are surely seeing a lot of change in the market. In future, a person would be able to enter his/her apartments either by punching in a code, a retina scan or by using his/her fingerprints.

The hi tech voice recognition home system

The entire system in the apartment would have the voice recognition feature. The door of your house will automatically open when you arrive. Even your hi-tech kitchen will listen to every command you give. The home system will be your one stop solution to become lazier in the future. Your home system will also let you know about your schedule and daily events and will be your personal home secretary.

The smart furniture that saves space

We have already seen different kinds of space saving concepts that are already present in the market; well the future of furniture not only shows that the future will look elegant and slim. However, it will also come with various features. Do not be surprised if your future has an in built wireless charging feature along with the space saving concept and storage feature. You will even find tables that come along with solar panels for better charging and self-powering benefits.

The smart kitchen will set you free

Apartments of the future will come well equipped with a kitchen that will do everything for you, not only they will have all the latest devices and technologies, however, the advanced versions and luxury apartments will also come with features like preset smart stove tops and ovens as well as grilling machines. Do not be surprised if you get a helping hand to do the work for you in the form of a robot. Another non-surprising thing would be the preset on the go food just by the press of the button. This would be similar to the vending machines you find in various places.

Your bedroom will be a smart one

Automatic blinds, self-folding beds, automated lights, a built in bathroom that you can convert into a spa, this is what you can expect from the bedroom of the future. Even your dressing table will be multifunctional; it will give you updates on the latest changes and happenings in the market. You can also have your very own style guru and person beautician who will recommend the right make up needed based on attire.

Your 2 in one bathroom

Not only will your bathroom be just a regular bathroom, it will also be equipped in such a way so that a person could also use it as a Spa. Just like every part of the house, even the bathroom will be equipped with the best of the latest home automation devices and products. From a smart toilet to a bathtub that can be converted into a Jacuzzi or a hot tub, your bathroom will include all the features that would be ideal for you to rest from a tired day. The design of future bathroom will ensure that it is equipped with the basic needs of a person along with a stylish design and practical use.

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