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How to go green at your workplace

Going green has become a hot topic of discussion nowadays. We spend a lot of our energy, time and money to make our house green. However, what about our work place where we spend a lot of time. If we are careful and make simple changes in our habits, we can go a long way in conserving a lot of energy and turning our work premises green.


 Nominate an energy co-ordinator 

Assign someone to take care of energy efficiency of your office. If someone is assigned the responsibility, it will be his job to look for ways to conserve energy, and formulate plans to reduce energy usage. This will ensure that energy efficiency becomes a priority at your workplace.


Take care of lights 

Artificial lights account for major chunk of use of electricity. Make it a habit to turn off lights when not needed. Look for areas that are not in use most of the time such as toilets or stores. Install sensors, which switch off the light when that area is not used by anyone. By making minor changes in décor and design of your office building you can allow more natural light into the premises. This will automatically reduce the usage of artificial lights during daytime. Change your energy guzzling bulbs with energy efficient ones such as LEDs.


Upgrade equipments 

Ensure the electronic equipments you are using are in good condition. Whenever necessary get them serviced so that they work efficiently. Whenever you upgrade your electric equipments, consider their energy efficiency. Energy efficiency labels are displayed on the electronic items.


Reduce the use of paper 

Go paperless as far as possible. Consider storing documents online instead of printing them. Share documents with colleagues digitally. All this will go a long way in usage of paper.


Recycle whenever possible 

Try to recycle papers and other items whenever possible. The paper used in office such as junk mail, envelops, old bills, and fax papers can be recycled. Keep recycle bins at places that are easily accessible. Old computers, mobile phones and such items can be recycled. You can donate old computers that you no longer use and are in working condition to some organization that needs it.


Commute smartly 

Try to use carpool or bike to go to office, or else if distance is not much consider walking. If possible, consider using public transport. You can use teleconferencing instead of commuting as far as possible.


Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team

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