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How to choose energy efficient lighting

choose energy efficient lighting

The most basic thing that you can do if you want to go green is to choose efficient lighting. You save not only environment friendly but also helps a lot in the form of small electricity bills. Following are some tips to help you do efficient lighting in your home and offices. Have a look:

Go for LED’S:

Light emitting diodes (LED’S) are exceptionally energy efficient. Not just this, they are also light on your pocket as they have a long life in comparison to other bulbs. Just arm yourself with the following knowledge before buying the LED lights:

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): This is a measure of a light source’s capability to deliver colors accurately. Look for a minimum of CRI 80 in a light.
  • Color Temperature: It is measured in Kelvins and gives you an idea as to how actually the light will look like. The higher the number, the bluer the light source will be. The color temperature of LED lights is very natural. Refrain from LED’s that are above 4000K.

Lumen output is a great indicator:

While choosing a LED, consider its lumen output. Means you should check how much light the LED light, which you are thinking, to purchase emits. Many sellers befool the innocent buyers and claim that the bulb is incredibly efficient. Therefore, if you will have this knowledge, no one will ever befool you.

Fluorescent light is one of the most efficient lighting:

Fluorescent lights take in minimal energy and gives out tremendous amounts of light output. Do not be mistaken and take fluorescent lights for those slightly blue, horrible lights. Fluorescent lights come in a wide assortment of shades ranging from “neutral white,” “warm white,” “cool white” to “daylight.” A tip for you to buy fluorescent light bulbs for your home – buy the ones with color rendering index greater than 80 and the color temperature of 3000k.

Refrain from incandescent lights:

These lights are the least energy efficient. Many nations have abandoned the usage of Incandescent lights as they cause greenhouse gas emissions. These bulbs create light by heating a metal filament wire and make it glow. All said and done, some people still prefer incandescent lights. So if you are also the one who cannot part away with incandescent bulbs, then follow these following tips:

  • To optimize their efficiency, make sure you install dimmers. Dim a bulb by 25% ad straightaway you will save 20% on your electricity bill and doing this will also ensure the long life of the bulb.
  • Do not get lured by the low cost of incandescent bulbs, as they cost much more lately in the form of lesser efficiency and short life.

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