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Global warming: Antarctic waters at risk of predatory sharks!

sharks could move to antarctica

We already knew Global warming is going to cause serious damage. And we also have every reason to fear it. If we go by the biologists who met recently at the Annual conference of American Association for Advancement of Science, our underwater ecosystem is under a severe threat, and it could result in getting the predatory vicious sharks to Antarctic waters.

Antarctic water remains too cold for certain fishes like the Shark and other relatively smaller fishes to habitat. This has resulted in the evolution of a rather unique and less harmful soft bodied fishes to live and breed in these waters. These species of fish have been inhabiting these freezing cold water for ages before the shell-crushing predators started to dominate the sea water. This unique marine life has been living in the Paleozoic region for about 250 to 500 million of years.

The rapidly growing rate of global warming can result in certain types of sharks to easily inhabit the waters of this continent. According to Prof. Cheryl Wilga, University of Rhode Island and Rick Aronson, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, if the condition remains the same, meaning the water remains above the freezing levels, then the Antarctic water might become inviting for the bigger and ferocious sharks to choose to move up in the look out for a safer habitat. Even the vicious crabs have already started coming closer to this underwater ecosystem.

We have lost many beautiful creatures in the course of evolution but with global warming we would loose the marine life namely the nemerteans, giant pycnogonids and isopods, which are only to be seen in this region.

If not as the only cause then definitely as one of the causes to reduce global warming and emission of greenhouse gases, that the call for a safer planet becomes even fierce.
Source: Breitbart

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